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Walking on the Edge

I don't really have a plan...

3 March
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What people are saying about foresthouse:

"This blond hottie won't take your pants off, she'll sue them off!" - dgenerator

"Some people you have to tell to "get a life." foresthouse, if anything, has too many!" - ashcomp

"foresthouse is an awesome attorney and bookworm." - library_of_sex

"foresthouse is bright, interesting, and passionate, with a wicked sense of humor.
And she does the mitten dance, which is surely worth a mention!" - zortrana

"foresthouse is an awesome possum chillazilla, yo." - chrryblssmninja

"foresthouse is funny, and she sings, she does mitten dances, has fantastic taste in books and on top of all that, she's a lawyer, too!

Oh, and don't forget the chinchillas!" - virginia_belle

"foresthouse promises to be there, and this time she means it..." - wmslawhorn

"foresthouse was one of the first friends I met on LJ, even though I wasn't even looking to make new friends on LJ. But I was enchanted by her Trixie Belden icons and love of Terry Pratchett! And her general friendliness and humor. I dare you not to love her!" - spectralbovine

"foresthouse is thoughtful, worthy of praise, and able to balance real life with virtual life in a seamless manner -- watch out for this young, up-and-coming lawyer!" - lady_of_mists

"...Aw, shucks, guys." - foresthouse

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theiconolatrist: All icons, all the time.

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In conclusion, Kevin Kline.

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