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So I hadn't eaten all day. I had gone to advising appts, classes, professor's office hrs, etc. I was on my way to having a very productive day...I didn't get home until 5:30, when I realized that I was hungry enough to eat day-old snake meat (ok, that's really gross, maybe I wasn't quite that bad off).

So... I am in the middle of "cooking" dinner (yay microwaves) and I am sitting in my living room, waiting for the microwave to beep, when I hear this odd dripping noise...I get up to investigate, and just as I reach the kitchen, the odd dripping turns into a waterfall rush. My sink had clogged and backed up with god-only-knows-what awful liquid (it didn't look much like water, more like sludge) and was spilling onto the floor!!! So I jumped for the phone and frantically called the housing assistant, who said, ok, she would call maintenance, maybe it would be 10-15 minutes (meanwhile, the sludge is oozing towards my kitchen rug). I say, ok, just HURRY! Then I get off the phone, save my rug, and start attempting to stop the flow with a dishpan, a hand towel, and 3 little mixing bowls...we are talking, pathetic attempts to stop a flood that would have done Noah proud. 10 minutes pass while I battle the sludge, delivering it by the mixing bowl to my shower, so it can clog that drain instead. Desperately, I call the housing assistant again, who assures me that they are on their way. 2 minutes later, there is a knock and a maintenance guy comes in. He has no tools. He gives the sink, dishpan, towels, and assorted mixing bowls a professional once over and says, "well, I can't do anything, but the guys with the tools should be here sometime tonight." I say, "When??!!" And he says, "Oh, I don't know when they'll get here, but don't worry, they work till 12:45 am." Like that will do me some good. By then I will be swimming.

Finally, 2 guys with tools come in and investigate the lake. By now it is spilling into my living room and I am busily sacrificing my bathroom towel to save my rug. The guys stick this wire thing up the pipe and start winding it up the pipe via electric motor. This goes on while I sit and watch for at least 7 minutes, then they pull it out, at which point it is, say, 35 feet long. They say, "yeah, that might have got it." It did. Luckily. Then I got to call the housing assistant to come help me clean the lake. Luckily, he had VERY strong detergent, so finally, after at least 2.5 hrs of bailing and cleaning, my kitchen has reverted to its old form.

Of course, now, I have to make dinner AGAIN, and am too tired from cleaning to do anything productive like I was planning to. I'm tellin' ya, it's a conspiracy to keep me from getting anything done. *sigh*
Tags: adventures, apartment, flood, ridiculous stories

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