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Back to the everyday...

Despite the brief illusion that I was not a working woman (aka Spring Break) I am once again at school attending classes. And it's very strange...I don't feel at all like I can ever find the will to work again. Even for my paid jobs. I'm already back to my strange habits of up-late/nap-afternoon sleep, and I'm sure no good can come of that.

At any rate, my break was tres fun. Despite being told by my cousin at one pt. that I'm boring (because neither of us could think of anything to do) I got to experience moments of family bonding with my aunt and 2 cousins, and I got to see Joe's paintings. This was enhanced by watching my female relatives try to adhere to the most bizarre diet of them all, the Atkins diet, where you have to stop eating just about Everything. It's like on TV, with those commercials where they are all telling the wierd diets they've done ("I was on an all-meat diet once") and the guy says, "I did the corn juice diet...nothing but corn juice...I don't know What I was thinking." That's how I would feel about Atkins. You have to give up MILK for cryin out loud. I could never.

Yeah so after a few days of cousin I took the train home to the Del in Jersey, for some sleeping on my comfy mattress, being fed by mom, and lowering my IQ with da boys. Needless to say, all my hopes were fulfilled in THAT area. :) They had a battle of the bands at Rutgers, which they got 2nd in (i think they should have got first) and then we adjourned to Tim's friend's apt. for a private concert. This was when the IQ began sliding, while hearing such songs as "Happy Planet" and "Super Crazy Rapid Teenage Motorcycles". Hehe, but any amount of losing brain cells is worth the amusement of these guys. It was good to see them. There isn't anyone Quite like them anywhere on IU campus :( We also had some good times with the traditional Rutgers late night snack, the Phat carts, and in Red Bank, the original downtown of the Del. Definitely a good break, not to mention that I got to see other friends too.

Officially became a yuppie after buying a used Palm pilot from a ex-boyfriend. Now I feel like a biz poser, but it's very handy. He had to sell it to support his paintball habit. HAHAHA.

I guess it is good to be back in b-town...if only it wasn't for the work. I do have my meeses back, well fed by Stace, and stinky 'cause i have to clean their cage. Dad is coming to town tomorrow to interview for a professorship, so then we get to go see my grandparents this weekend...which means I ought to be Working right now. darn...back I go.
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