Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

In Which We Contemplate Twitter Following Habits

@foresthouse: Wow, I follow a metric ton of people on here. How did that happen?

@foresthouse: (Adding some new folks to lists and stuff, trying to somehow manage the unmanageable that is Twitter. Hah.)

@foresthouse: Generally I don't follow without reason, so I don't unfollow without reason either...but I can't remember why I followed a few folks. Hah.

@foresthouse: Hm. Guess if I can't remember why I followed and someone doesn't follow me back, I shouldn't feel bad unfollowing. *online social guilt*

@foresthouse: It would be really interesting to see inside people's brains as they decide who to follow and why on Twitter, and all that.

@foresthouse: Srsly, in my head there are complex equations going on, w/ variables of if we've met, how much I <3 you (whether we've met or not), if you--

@foresthouse: --are a friend of a friend, if your tweets bring me news or make me laugh, if we talked a few times & I'd like to know you better... Heh.

@bicyclefish: @foresthouse I try to put pple i follow onto private lists so i remember why but i often forget to do that.

@foresthouse: @bicyclefish I have a lot of private lists but when I add people on the go, it's not as easy to put them on lists, & I forget to later.

@foresthouse: Also there's the whether you're following me too; and the whether you're not but it's okay because you're a news site or whatever.

@foresthouse: And then there's whether a bunch of ppl I follow are following you even if I can't remember why I did, because I must have had good reason.

@foresthouse: Or if you're a fellow Deadpool or Discworld or other fan; or if you follow one of my fictional character accounts & I like your feed.

@foresthouse: There's a big, "We chat on Twitter and you seem nice/fun to talk to" swath of people I follow, too.

@foresthouse: There's also the, "I know you from another community" group. Holla, Snarkers!

@ghostwritingcow: @foresthouse Seriously. I have no idea why some people are following me.

@foresthouse: @ghostwritingcow Totally. Sometimes w/ me ppl I've chatted w/ IRL don't follow me, even though they do on other media or I know they like me.

@foresthouse: @ghostwritingcow And then, like, a celeb I've never met or tweeted about follows me. Which is totally cool! I just wonder how they found me. Heh.

@foresthouse: @nsfinch @ghostwritingcow I'm always happy to see people have followed me; I never mind. I just get curious. :P

@nsfinch: @ghostwritingcow @foresthouse Theres some kind of activity or statement or someone you follow that triggers their algorithm.

@foresthouse: @nsfinch @ghostwritingcow Ohhh, I see what you're saying - so some people may have found us via that "you should follow" type thing.

@foresthouse: @nsfinch @ghostwritingcow And I'm sure there are people I follow who are like, "Who is this person and why does she follow me?"

@foresthouse: And then I'll admit there's a V small group of "I don't really like you but I want to keep an eye on what you're up to" ppl I follow. HAH.

@foresthouse: Should I call them my schadenfreude list? Like, they do idiot things publicly & I shake my head & am amused at their Dumb. Am I terrible? :P

@foresthouse: It's a very small list, I promise. #NotATerriblePerson #NotTotally #schadenfreude

@redheadedgirl: @foresthouse Oh thank god, it's not just me.

@foresthouse: There are also some people I follow who, if I WERE to make a list called "I adore your awesomeness," would be front & center.

@foresthouse: And you might or might not be surprised at who you are. <3

@nsfinch: @foresthouse @ghostwritingcow You know all those people whose bios say they're "social media consultants"? Some people really do hire them.

@foresthouse: @nsfinch @ghostwritingcow I know. It makes me feel slightly icky, when it's for Twitter. Twitter should be about real interactions.

@ghostwritingcow: @foresthouse @nsfinch I think Facebook should be about real interactions. Twitter is kind of a free-for-all.

@foresthouse: @ghostwritingcow @nsfinch Yeah, but I mean, you shouldn't follow somebody because you are a PR bot.

@ghostwritingcow: @foresthouse @nsfinch Also how can you think Twitter should be about real interactions? You run fictional character accounts!

@foresthouse: @ghostwritingcow @nsfinch I'M COMPLICATED, OKAY. SO IS DEADPOOL. SHUTUP.

RT @JuddLegum: The median active Twitter account has 61 followers. If you have 3000 followers, you are in the top 1%. pic.twitter.com/a345alCu3Q

MT @nsfinch: Tweets Loud And Quiet: http://j.mp/JTRQFT .

@foresthouse: @nsfinch @ghostwritingcow Oooh, I'm in the 96th percentile of "active Twitter users." SHINY. :P

@foresthouse: "just under one in every thousand Twitter accounts has a name that refers to Justin Bieber in some way;"

@foresthouse: "an additional one in every thousand refers to Bieber in its account description."

‏@foresthouse: And thus begins the fall of humanity.
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