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You guys (if any of you still read this?!) I am so terrible. I keep writing the beginnings of LJ entries, meaning to post things, running out of time, losing my notes about something I wanted to write, getting distracted by other things, not finishing drafts of posts, and...geez, I just haven't posted SO MANY things I've wanted to lately. Gah.

On the other hand, one reason I haven't posted here is that I've been writing some for other sites recently. So even though I'm totally planning to post more here VERY SOON, in the meantime if anyone wants to, I'd love for people to check out some of the things I've had up recently at other sites. I've had a lot of fun writing these!

First up, I was invited to do a guest post on the Tonner Doll Company blog (they make great Marvel and DC dolls, as well as other movie dolls and their own fashion dolls). Naturally I wrote about DEADPOOOOOOL. You can read it at the link:

The Man Who Rochambeau’d Captain America: A Post About Deadpool

Also for anyone who doesn't know, over the last couple of years artist Marc Vuletich and I have done a series of webcomics, the majority of which have been featured on movie and TV news site Reelzchannel.com (along with a couple of articles I wrote). If anyone feels like catching up on those comics or checking them out, they're all conveniently linked at my Ask Deadpool Wordpress blog.

Following on that, our most recent two webcomics, part of a three-part series about the Marvel Avengers movie that comes out next weekend, have just been featured on MTV Splash Page! Here are links to the first two, and the final part will be coming out on Splash Page this Wednesday. WOO! Please check 'em out!

The Avengers Take Hollywood, Part I: Marathon Survival Kit

The Avengers Take Hollywood, Part II: Superhero Musical Chairs

And please leave comments and things if you enjoy these posts, so the editors know you've enjoyed them and let me WRITE MOAR THINGS for them. :)

Finally, in writing things, beginning this week I will have a weekly column over on ComicMix, discussing comics and comics-related things. This is slated to go up every Tuesday at 1 p.m., so please check those out! This week I'll be chatting about a few different things, and next week will feature a review of the Avengers colognes and perfume from JADS International (tested on a Genuine Comic Book Artist!). I have lots of fun ideas for future columns over there, so if you like comics, please read!

And now...I have to go finish writing a column. More soon!!
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