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A leetle smidge of Twitter?

@foresthouse: Ladies and gentlemen: SNOW.

@foresthouse: But only a leetle.

@foresthouse: PS A "leetle" = a unit of measurement smaller than a "little" and like unto a "tad" or possibly a "dab," but cuter than any of those.

@Eviey: That's so adorable and awesome I need to lay down for a minute.

@foresthouse: @Eviey Of course, in proper usage, when saying "leetle," one may also illustrate w/ a wink & a hand-motion indicating a pinch, as in baking.

@cue_face_palm: @foresthouse Where would a "smidge" fall into this unit of measurement? These things are important.

@foresthouse: @cue_face_palm A smidge is smaller than a leetle AND a tad, but only a smidge smaller than a dab. ;) 2 smidges = a dab.

cue_face_palm: @foresthouse I would have guessed that a smidge was smaller than a leetle and tad, but bigger than a dab. Shows what I know ;) #TheMoreUknow

@foresthouse: @cue_face_palm Well, that's why you have me, font of all Ridiculously Subjective Measurement knowledge.

@cue_face_palm: @foresthouse Yes, that is true. So I ask the BIG question: which is bigger, a smidge, or a smidgen? O.O

@foresthouse: @cue_face_palm The relationship between the smidge and smidgen is complex and storied. :)

@foresthouse: @cue_face_palm But contrary to what popular thought might dictate, the smidge is actually slightly smaller than the smidgen.

@particle_person: @foresthouse I think we are on the way to a new system of measures if you include @cleolinda's work on fucktonnes.

@particle_person: @foresthouse A leetle smidge, for example, is the amount a person on a diet wants of your sundae.

@particle_person: A leetle dab is the amount of chocolate sauce your grandma thinks is on the tip of your nose after eating the sundae.

@particle_person: A fucktonne is the amount of chocolate sauce you asked your server for when grandma was in the ladies' room.

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