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Bzzzzt. Hello? Hello? Testing?

Hello, hello, to anyone still out there. :P For a number of reasons (busy? stressed? BUSY) I haven't really had time to blog in awhile. HOWEVER...I might try harder in the new year? I do miss it, I just never seem to have the time. Um. MAYBE SOON?

In the meantime, here's a short little hello and random update about my life in case anyone caaaaarrrrrreeeessss:

- Christmas was fantastic; celebrating with the family is always good, and was extra-fun this year with my sister and BiL's 2.5 year old boy and 6 month old girl. Kids. Presents. SO CUTE. :D My sis reports that Nephew loves the turtle nightlight I got him (it shows constellations on the ceiling, in 3 colors that you can select) and Baby Niece loves the snuggly seahorse (it plays lullabies and its tummy lights up, aw) as well. Yay! I got some very cool things, like an iPod speaker and a Kindle and (HAHAHAHAAAA!) a Deadpool bank. Heeee. Did you all get anything fun?

- The location for the next North American Discworld Convention has been announced. It will be in 2013 in Baltimore. Woo! Local! Although I have "retired" from being involved in planning, I am looking forward to attending!! WHO ELSE IS GOING TO GO?

- I seem to have been seeing a number of movies recently. I got to go to the advance screening of Sherlock Holmes in December (it was SUPER); I was fairly unimpressed with Immortals (although the cinematography was pretty good, it just draaaaagged); and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was intense, good, and DISTURBING. I had 3 nightmares in a row the night after I saw it (!!). ...Anyone else see anything good recently?

- Ummmm...yeah, that may be all for now. Maybe I haven't blogged recently because I'm BORING. Heh.

But I still love y'all. Happy New Year!!
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