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  • Tue, 20:25: .@queenanthai @darkatreyu @Raeseti @cleolinda @juliamacbham @alliancesjr I did have so much fun w/y'all on my trip. Sorry I was so spazzy :P
  • Tue, 20:25: Pausing @made_of_fail for dinnerzzzzz.
  • Wed, 00:32: Gaaaaah it was a tiny tiny cut!! Why am I still bleeding through 4 Band-aids?!? :( #ouch
  • Wed, 01:54: Wow. I go over to see what @neilhimself is up to because after all the riot news I want a little break and his tweets often provide that...
  • Wed, 01:56: ...& I find someone bitching @neilhimself out for posting a cheerful tweet, saying to "have some respect." After his numerous riot tweets!
  • Wed, 01:58: I am deeply sorry about the UK rioting, and I'm sure @neilhimself is too, but WTF, people. Life doesn't have to be 100% about bad news!!
  • Wed, 02:02: I know people in the UK are dealing with a lot, and we are all v concerned; but we shouldn't let bad events take away all enjoyment of life.
  • Wed, 02:20: Also, sorry, but I have ALWAYS hated when people think they are the only arbiters of what's acceptable and not and they should tell you.
  • Wed, 02:23: I could understand being upset if someone was going, "woo, riots!" But attacking someone for posting something completely unrelated? #what
  • Wed, 02:28: @foresthouse has been on Twitter longer than 95.27% of all other Twitter users. http://t.co/V3t2K4t
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