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Life Never Stops Just Because You Say "HOLD ON THERE!!!"

You ever have one of those times when you'd really, really love to take some time and chronicle what's going on, but if you take literally five minutes out of your day to do so, you feel like the entire world will fall on you? Yeah, that's how I feel right now.

So in brief:

- My sister is due to have her baby in TWO DAYS!!!!! (It's going to be a girrrrrrl.) *excited* So I will be going to watch Little Nephew while that happens.

- Neil Gaiman is coming to the National Press Club in FOUR DAYS and I will be introducing him for the event, which sold out to the tune of 550 people in 3 days, and over 200 pre-sold books, and so will bring in some welcome funds for our library for working journalists (woo!). Also it will be a blast. Whee!

- I leave for my two week trip that eventually lands me in Madison, WI for The North American Discworld Convention 2011 in FIVE DAYS. I am in Panic At The Disco mode, because not only do I personally have a lot to do before I go (see: sister-nephew-watching and baby; Neil Gaiman event; laundry and cleaning and getting the hairs of my precious head trimmed nicely, etc.; paaaaacking) but also as of about 1.5 weeks ago I took over as Chair of the Con, and so therefore am swamped with about 1,000,003 things to do every second. *tear*

- I don't even know what else is going on, as my whole head is full of babies and Press Club events and THE CON. THE CON THE CON THE CON THE CON CAN'T SLEEP CON WILL EAT ME THE CON THE CON THESNDFNSKDJFHNKEJRWAAKSDJ!!!!!!!


Oh, sorry about that. Brain meltdown/overload.

So anyway, I'd better get back to work, but since I would like to leave you with something fun, here, have these links:

1) A page collecting my comics to date with Marc Vuletich. We continue to write and draw for ReelzChannel.com, and it is Much of The Fun. Next up: Captain America; and The Avengers! WOOOO.

Go look at ALL OF THEM so ReelzChannel knows how many people want to see our awesome comics and lets us keep doing them, which we want to do because IT IS FUN.

2) Speaking of Marc, I put him in touch with cleolinda a bit ago, so she could have some art done for some hilarious and fun t-shirts and things she wanted to put up on CafePress. The results are now live, and purchasable, and hilarious, and adorable. Go check it out. You KNOW you want a Team Sparklepire or Team Fursplode shirt; you know you do!

And now: the deluge.

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