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Can you tell I really want to win this contest? Please help!! :)

Hey guys, please remember to keep voting for me in the Neil Gaiman Audio Contest? :)

I'm still in the top 20 but falling fast because everyone else there apparently has live studio audiences on speed dial and calls them up to tell them to vote anytime I start to inch up in the rankings! ...Okay, I really don't know HOW they're getting so many votes, because I know a bunch of people are voting for me too, and I don't want to pester y'all* too* many times about this; and it may be that they've trained their pets to vote for them too (I have no pets, woe); or that they're serenading people in WiFi-rich coffee shops until all the patrons vote for them (actually, that's not a bad idea...who wants to hear me do Guys and Dolls?) or that they have 100 relatives with email addresses per square inch (I only have 5); but the point is they're inching me out, and I need your helllllp to win. :)

There's a week left in the contest, after which one of the top 20 folks will be chosen to go to NY and be on the American Gods audiobook. I'd really like to make it to that final 20 and with enough votes, I totally can!

So if you want to help, please register and vote for me here:

Vote vote? :)

And yes, it'd be awesome if you vote once a day, but every vote counts, so even just voting once or twice will help me out so much!

And if you want to see how I'm doing each day, the current and frequently updated leaderboard is HERE.

Thanks, all! I really appreciate everone helping we with this! :)
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