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Update on the Neil Gaiman Audio Contest!

So you guys, I am in the top 20 for this contest right now (!!). The top 20 at the close of this round (5pm EST May 2nd) move on to the final round of the contest, and the winner of THAT round gets an all-expenses trip to NYC, a phone chat with Neil Gaiman, and a bit part on the new audiobook for American Gods (and a free copy of said audiobook). A pretty neat prize, eh?

Now of course, even if I am in the top 20 at the end of this round, it doesn't mean I will win overall; but at least I'll have a 1 in 20 chance of winning! The problem with this contest is, to STAY in the top 20, I have to have more and more people continually voting for me each day until May 2. Because not only do all the other people have folks voting for them every day, but there have been several people already who have come out of nowhere (aka 100 votes behind the leaders, or MORE) and leapfrogged into the top 20. I have no idea HOW they do it -but in order for me not to get knocked out, I need lots of folks to keep on voting, and hopefully to get other people to vote for me too.

I know going to vote for someone every day for *checks calendar* 12 more days is kind of annoying; but that's the way the contest is set up, unfortunately, and I really would like to make the next round. :) HOWEVER, it's really not that hard (simple registration and then 1 vote per day), so I hope all of you will help me with this. :D Also, to ease the pain, I've started giving out little prizes (handmade clay miniatures, to be made as per the prize-winner's request) to a random Twitter retweeter for every goal # of votes I arrive at on a given day. So if you are on Twitter, feel free to RT the contest link and enter that little contest yourself. (And here are a few examples of clay things I've made).*

Link to vote for me!

LeaderBoard as of 4/20/2011, 2pm

Here is my own fairly accurate LeaderBoard, which I will try to update periodically; although things can change quickly, and for instance the person at #7 now somehow jumped 16 places from midnight last night to today to get there. O_o But at least this gives some idea of who is where:

Top 20

1) rpincus -447
2) mzaudiogrl -386
3) Joeysghost -374
4) Bradfromga -358
5) akoski -343
6) skpeed101 -340
7) mormolyke -333
8) nhouser -325
9) nicoconut -323
10) goldenally -316
11) MCW -312
12) mt1848 -303
13) bwalton -297
14) natheyde -295
15) cnovales -295
16) Bohanski -291
17) Killmobile -288
18) emilyesse -280 (ME!)
19) rhemiel -276
20) bigjerbear -273 & Lbottom33 -273

Contenders for Top 20

22) smtlibrary -254
23) angel_VO -250
24) smhandy -239
25) IKtheTroll 237
26) DarlaMoore -230
27) aolcese -226
28) karehde086 -224
29) drnovick -214
30) rubah -197

[Also, here is the "Official" Leaderboard, but it's not updated very often (2 days could go by before an update!)]

ETA: Here is what seems to be a fairly accurate automated script list that updates every hour. I think it was having some trouble at first, so it may not be 100% reliable, but it seems pretty good now!

Automated Standings List

(Thanks for that handy tool go to Aneel.)

As you can see, there are a lot of people right below me who could easily get ahead. I try not to ask too many things of people, but PLEASE go and vote for me to help me stay in the game, everyone! :) Every day would be awesome, but even one or two votes per person will help! Thanks!!

*I had someone on Twitter ask me if I thought it was "a bit shady" to "bribe" people with something like the little prizes; well, no, I really don't. Only a couple of RT-ers out of about 30 people so far have been folks I don't already know; and all 4 prizewinners so far have been friends. I don't doubt that 85-90% of the people who have RT'd so far would have done it anyway, and voted anyway. While the prizes *might* be having some helpful impact on votes (and I hope they are), I started doing that just to make up for spamming all my friends so much, and to make it a little more fun for those helping me. I hope that's understood! :)
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