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More votes = more happy!

So I've entered the contest to win a trip to NYC and be on the new audiobook for Neil Gaiman's American Gods. To get to the final round, all you need is tons of votes! So...I need tons of votes!

To help me win, you can simply register (takes 1 minute, so easy!) and vote once per day from now through May 2. Every vote counts, so the earlier and more often each person votes, the better!!

To make it a little more fun, I'm doing silly little things on Twitter for each vote. Yesterday, it was haikus:


Vote33: Ode to Marshmallows - So squishy, gooey // sometimes crispy. I like to // roast them over fires

Vote34: Patterns - I hate your hot pink // zebra stripe tank top. It fights // with your leopard skirt.

Vote35: Shopping - It's so easy now! // All things can be bought online. // Stores are still more fun.

Vote36: GRRM Geek - So excited for // Game of Thrones! And I'm a GIRRRRL! // Suck it, N Y T!

Vote37! Smallville - He's not Superman // but ooh he sure is pretty. // ...A bit whiny though.

Vote 38! Deadpool Movie - A canon story // @RhettReese and Ryan Reynolds // The best thing ever!

Vote 39! Help From My Friends - So close to 40 // Such a pretty, round number // Vote and help me win!

Vote40! Feegles - They're small and wily // & love to cuss, fight, & drink // & they're so darned cute!

Vote41! Harley Quinn - She and Deadpool match // and he's nuts like the Joker // crossover fic, yes?

Today, it's photos of geek things I own.

ALSO today, it's a handmade clay miniature for a random RTer if I get to 100 votes. I'm over 60 now - it could happen!

Vote, retweet, and help me win??


Tags: contest, literature, wonderful neil

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