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Deadpool Presents...the Oscars!!!!!

So you all know the Oscars are tomorrow, right? Well before you watch them (if you're planning on it!) you should totally check out my newest comic for Reelzchannel.com (with artist Marc Vuletich), Deadpool Presents...the Oscars!!!!!.

Do you agree with Deadpool? Is he totally off? Inquiring minds want to know.

Poll #1710733 Is Deadpool Right or Wrong?

Do you agree with Deadpool's predictions?

Maybe so
I will tell you in the comments what *I* predict
Kermit Kermit!!

In related good news (for me, at least!), Reelzchannel (being insane, clearly) is going to let me and Marc DO EVEN MORE COMICS. So stay tuned for more Deadpool and stuff (or, um, ignore it if you just don't caaaaare). :D
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