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Quickly Catching Up On The World

First off, I have my 3-month check-up for my right eye, and 1-month for my left, tomorrow. Am looking forward to seeing how my vision is doing (well, I hope)!

And speaking of my eye surgeries, as you may have seen, thanks to so many wonderful people donating items and money and helping to get the word out, I am *very close* to having the full amount I need to cover my eye surgeries and medical expenses!! WOOOOO!!

There is just one bill left that needs paying, so we are closing out the auctions with one final piece, an original sketch of DC Comics' Black Canary by John K. Snyder III! Woo! Bidding starts at $75, which is a SUPER good deal for an original of this caliber. So head on over and take a look!


In other news, Henry Cavill has been cast as Zack Snyder's 'Superman: Man of Steel'

Yes, I know he's British, so it's a little bit crazy that he's been cast as the all-American superhero, here. HOWEVER. Cavill is a very good actor (hem, Brandon Routh, hem), and he looks the part, so if he can do a credible American accent, too...well, movies are all about people pretending to be who they're not anyway, so what's the problem? Not to mention Jerry Siegel was a first-generation American (his parents were immigrants from Lithuania) and Joe Shuster was born in Canada. And Superman's an alien anyway. So, you know, it's actually very American to have someone from elsewhere playing Superman; because unless you're Native American Indian - then, you, like the rest of the U.S., originally came from somewhere else too. Heh.

Also, let's face it, Henry Cavill looks the part, and he's gorrrgeous, and we are shallow people who appreciate that fact (well I am, anyway. Occasionally). We here at Foresthouse Central have been shameless advocates of Henry Cavill since watching I Capture the Castle and The Count of Monte Cristo way back whenever, as can be seen by our completely shameless fangirling as far back as 2004. So we (the royal we) are VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS NEWS. :D And will so be seeing this film as soon as it comes out.


Speaking of comics, I would have LOVED to go to Wizard World New Orleans this weekend, if, you know, I was a millionaire with diamonds on the souls of my shoes (a-wa a-wa) but since I can't, we have the next best thing: the lovely queenanthai is there and is sharing the experience with us! Woo! And you really don't want to miss her coverage - from her awesome choker to James Marsters singing Happy Birthday to her niece on video to the video shout-out to Made of Fail (and Kevin and Lore's engagement!) to A DELOREAN picture. Fun times! Thanks, Dayna!


And now, to Linkspam!

- Esoteric Curiosa is a blog that looks at random but interesting little bits of history. Neat read!

- And here's Atlas Obscura, which is another site of this sort.

- Curious Expeditions is another, and I love it. Here's a cool bit on The Many Shades of Haint Blue.

- And their Flickr account is awesome. Particularly this "courtroom scene" from a taxidermy-filled dive bar.

- They sometimes partner with the Observatory in Brooklyn for some interesting exhibitions and events.

- And in the vein of esoteric history, Elizabeth's Pirates from Channel 4.

- Or, if you are in the mood for random historical biography, how about reading up on Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard? The name alone makes him awesome, and then you get to the bits about exploration and adventuring and training wartime snipers. Duuuuude.

- Did I ever link The Periodic Table of Superpowers? I totally have this on the wall of my office.

- Speaking of io9, this is from last year, but it's still awesome: The greatest rant you'll see this week: World War II is full of plot holes, and the writers should all be fired.

- Here's one of my favorite Cracked articles (and one that made me visit about 12 other websites along the way because of all the interesting links): 10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums.

- By the way, it's interesting and sometimes amusing to read the Secret Service Codenames for various famous people or politicians.

- So, who here thinks Chris Sims is one of the funniest comics commentators out there? Who here doesn't know who he is? FOR SHAME. Well, here - if you've seen Smallville (or even if you haven't), I highly recommend his Smallville recaps. There's a whole list of other recapped episodes at the bottom of the Pilot recap. Woo!

- Speaking of comics, How to Make a Death from 'Sandman' Halloween Costume. (Also good for attending conventions. I'm just sayin'.)

- And along those lines, The Greatest Cosplay of New York Comic Con [Photos].

- And then there's Rorschach's Ink-Shifting Mask Becomes a Reality Via Fan Tutorial [Video]

- Or 5 Comic Book Halloween Costumes That Won't Objectify Women (And 5 That Will Objectify Men!)


And now we move on to a slew of Pratchett-y links, because, well--wait, seriously? If you are surprised at a slew of Pratchett links on my journal, then what are you even doing here? :P

- Yes, yes, it's from months ago, but Ian Stewart's Why I'm going to the Discworld convention in the Guardian's Books blog is still awesome. :)

- Aaaaand in other things from last year, did I ever link Sir Terry's speech at Trinity College Dublin? It's fantastic! (Although, yes, it is an hour long. Heh.)

- In random Terry things, Colin Morgan, one of the stars of Merlin, is a Pratchett fan. He should totally come to the convention! :)

- There's also a mention of a Pratchett book in an otherwise pedestrian Harry/Draco fanfic Google alerts randomly sent me, which I mention just because it's funny.

- What, you want me to go back to actual links of substance? Oh! :) Well here's Terry Pratchett on travel, writing and swearing at a PC.

- Or you can check out the highly fantastic Bernard Pearson talking about the "twinning" of Wincanton, UK with Ankh-Morpork. P.S. Have I mentioned how much I love the Pearsons? I want to adopt them as my adoptive aunt and uncle or grandparents or something. Hee.

- Or how about a BBC Meet the Author - Terry Pratchett interview on YouTube?

- And here's a clip talking about Terry Pratchett, the humanist. Which is interesting.

- Less serious, you say? Well there's always the performance of the Ankh-Morpork national anthem, as performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Clare Rutter. It is, naturally, called We Can Rule You Wholesale, and the lyrics are good for a chuckle.

- Or, for the more risque, there's the (NSFW! NSFW!) The Hedgehog Can Never Be Buggered At All.

- And of course there's a YouTube version. With...pictures. (Erm, also NSFW!)

- Okay, enough of that! :P Here's a review of Nation by Hank Green who was also one of the good folks involved in the Help Haiti Heal fundraiser a while back. Glad to see he's a Pratchett fan!

- And here's The Morporkian, a relatively new (unofficial) Pratchett news site that's been around just since October-ish. Could be very helpful, especially since From Rim to Hub disappeared in March of 2010.


Aaaaaand, that's it for now. I need some chocolate. :D
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