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Keratoconus Update the Tenth, and A Silly Story

I am so behind at posting stuff, guys; sorry! But! Here's a quick update on thingssss.

First of all, I had my left eye surgery a couple of days before New Year's. Here is the quick same-day report on it. To update on that, I am pretty much doing okay with recovery, but for some reason this eye hurts more than the other did (I would have thought it would be the other way around, since the right eye is the worse in vision). So there's some stinging with the drops and things, but it's all normal. Also, for some reason, my right eye is feeling more tired and dry than it was prior to the left eye surgery. My theory is that maybe now that my body is having to put energy into healing both eyes, the process is putting a bit more of a strain on everything - which could also be why I'm feeling exhausted a lot even with a lot of sleep. But still, it's nothing to be worried about; just a slower healing process thus far, and I am trying to be patient and look after myself. :)

I go in for my one-week checkup this Friday. This one, like last time, will just be to see if the eye is healthy - no tests yet to see if the surgery worked. That's at the month checkup.

In other eye-related news, since I still am about $5,000 short of the amount I'll need to pay for the second surgery and the accompanying medications, etc., there is another round of auctions going on at the foresthouseeyes auction community. There's some really cool stuff there, including a snuggly hand-knit scarf from my roommate from college, gorgeous crocheted items (those legwarmers!), a 1965 magazine containing the second ever story published by Sir Terry Pratchett, an adorable fleece adipose doll from Doctor Who, lovely cakes, and more!

ALSO, you can read FOR FREE the first two parts of Kevin's hilarious "Straight Guy Reviews of Bad Romance Novels" that were auctioned as part of the right eye auction. Too funny!

Speaking of eye-related stuff, for Christmas I asked for a juicer, as BiL convinced me that juicing was a GREAT way to consume more things like raw carrots which are very good for eyes, but which I haaaaaate to eat raw. :) See, by juicing them with things like, say, apples and pears, they don't taste bad anymore. Genius! So my parents got me a very nice juicer, and I used it for the first time a couple of days ago:

@foresthouse The REAL reason Jack LaLanne invented a juicer: it's FUN to juice things. This is fascinating, you guys!

@foresthouse Okay, I take it back - this juice is AWESOME. :D Go Jack LaLanne!

@cleolinda @foresthouse We can only hope to contain you.


Seriously, y'all - this thing is STELLAR. WHEEEE!

And speaking of Christmas, we had a TON of snow while I was at my parents' for the holiday. Over two feet! I took a few pictures. Here are some of them:

(Benji showing Elmo the snow, heeeee.)

In other things, today I wrote a story. It's a bit silly. (AND you have to read from bottom to top, because: Tumblr.) Enjoy! :P
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