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Tis the season! - Walking on the Edge
I don't really have a plan...
Tis the season!
For me to send out cardssssss to anyone on here who might like a gen-u-ine, handwritten (so probably messy, because my handwriting is terrible, sorry), Christmas or non-denominational holiday card from ME!

(Note: because I do celebrate Christmas, if you don't tell me otherwise, you run the risk of getting a Christmas-y card. But if you would prefer a holiday card instead, that's no problem, just note as much in the comments. I respect all people's beliefs, but am not psychic! ;P)

Comment here with your address, even if you think I might have it, because last year I used old addresses I had on file for a few of you, and a couple came back! (Oops.)

Comments are screened!

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