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Keratoconus: Update the...What Are We On Now? Seventh.

HEY YOU GUYS. I PAID OFF MY FIRST SURGERY YESTERDAY!!!!! And it's all, 100%, completely thanks to every single person who has been wonderful enough to donate, bid, help, etc. with this burdensome expense. THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Really, I can't say it enough (but I'll try!). THANK YOU.

I also had my second check-up yesterday. In short, everything looks good so far.

In longer version: The doc said my cornea looks healthy, albeit a bit "scratched and scuffed" from the surgery. (But that's not abnormal.) He wants me to use the lubricating drops more regularly to help the healing, so: check! And we are going to slooooowly wean me off the steroids (or "steeroids," hah) over the next 15 days. They tested my vision, but at this time, the doc isn't looking for change yet; just making sure nothing drastic has happened. They also did a pentacam (sp?) scan and a topography to see how the eye is looking, but this early after the procedure, they are mostly just doing that to make sure the eye is healthy; it will be 1-3 months before they will be able to see if the procedure is being effective, at which point, if they see "a regression" (i.e. the cornea is slightly better in shape than it is now) then they'll be pretty confident it's working. If it is working (and they fully expect it to, given the positive results thus far), then at about 3 months in (so about 2.5 months now) I would talk about/do the procedure for the left eye, too. I am very hopeful! My next appointment is in a month; so there may be news then on how it's working. *crosses fingers*

In other things, doctoraicha tells me there is enough money (or money + money pending) to cover the left-eye surgery too, and some may even come in to help with the medications and all the debt I'm getting in from having to miss so much work. OMG! WOW!! AND OTHER EXCLAMATIONS. That is just the most fantastic news ever. I feel very unworthy but grateful. *hugs for everyone*

And I don't even know what else to say. <3

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