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In Which I Go Out for Halloween as Black Canary

So remember how I was going out for Halloween as Black Canary? Well I did! And we had a great time! Except NOBODY KNEW WHO I WAS. Everyone, and I mean like five different random strangers at least, thought I was Lady Gaga. *sigh* I mean, really. If I was going as Lady Gaga, I would have worn an entire supermarket on my head, topped with feathers and a live chicken, and possibly also a polar bear cape. ON FIRE.

But hey, I knew who I was supposed to be, and Naomi knew, and I had fun, (and also we got a free drink at one place due to wearing corsets), so that's what matters, really. :D

Oh, and remember how I said I might post pictures, too, unless I died of mortification first? Well, considering I walked around Georgetown in this all last night, I'm pretty sure all mortification has now left my system. So here; have some pictures. :)

For reference, the following image is probably closest to what I was going for, although of course I wasn't going to buy new pirate-y boots just for a costume, and also I borrowed vaguely from the Smallville version for the eye makeup. And also my hair doesn't curl without a team of hairdressers and a truckload of hairspray and that stuff totally kills baby seagulls or something, so I just did my hair as usual. Heh.

Me! I am pointing at you! But I am all in black, so you cannot tell:

Me and Naomi: Killers in Corsets:

Proof that I wore this out of the house:

Happy Halloween, everyone! :)
Tags: black canary, corsetry, costumes, dc comics, hallowe'en, halloween, me, naomi, picspam

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