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Keratoconus: Update the Fifth

Hmm, why did one of my voice posts auto-transcribe, and not the other? That's very strange. Anyone know how that works?

Anyway, a quick update - I had my post-op checkup this morning, and the doctor says my eye is looking good (i.e. no infection or obvious problems) and that at my next appointment (in a week) they will do another topography and see if they're starting to see the intended results of the procedure. I hope they do!! In the meantime, I am dutifully putting both kinds of medicated eyedrops in my eyes (steroids! In my eyyyyeeeeessss!!) and had a nice, relaxed day that consisted primarily of sleeping (loooots of sleeping, but you're supposed to) and talking to a couple of my best friends on the phone. And that was really, really nice.

In terms of the financial situation, as you may have seen from before, cleolinda had suggested kind LJers give contributions to help me with this difficult expense, after she sort of talked me into agreeing that it was ok to accept help sometimes, and as mentioned in my voice post, as of yesterday morning those donations totaled about $1,000 - and THANK EVERYTHING that they did, because as you may *also* have heard via voice post, I was informed, with no prior warning, on the morning of the procedure, that I had to pay the WHOLE $4,000 (for the right eye; the left eye will be ANOTHER $4,000 when it's done) RIGHT THEN AND THERE. (Which would have WAY over-maxed out my credit card.) Um. Not only had I not been told this, but they actually figured out that the REASON I had not been told was due to a mix-up on their end. Thanks, guys. (cleolinda was the immediate recipient of most of this news, as it happened as we were already texting about something else. And I was putting in eyedrops every minute. Gah.) But I was able to (knowing I had at least the funds provided by all of you wonderful, generous folks) talk them into putting just $1,000 of it on to start, and was told ok, but then I have to pay the other $3,000 by the end of October. *SIGH* Not the best way to start off a medical procedure, but it would have been much worse without you guys and cleolinda's awesomeness. So THANK YOU.

And now another LJer is being awesome, and has started a fandom charity auction thingie to help me, which I really like the idea of, because then people are getting a little something back if they donate (besides my eternal love and thanks, of course). And you guys? The stuff that's appearing there is awesome. Someone's even auctioning a pair of earrings made to look like Howl's from Howl's Moving Castle (I LOVE THOSE!). <3 Not to mention queenanthai is offering a book that Wil Wheaton signed - and if you know Dayna, you know that's pretty much like she's cutting off a hand for me. :) SO. Anyway, I put in a little offering as well, that I can make after my eyesight is (*knock on wood!*) back to normal, but really, there's so much cool stuff that my little bit isn't nearly the most exciting. Mini hats and knitted things and guest appearances on Made of Fail, and baked goods and masks and "straight guy reviewing romance novels" (hee) and fics and artwork and collectors' items and, and, and...Go and see! It's fantastic.


And now, as I promised oh, those many entries ago, I will take a break from posting serious things (until my next keratoconus/eye update; I promise I WILL keep you informed!!) and go back to posting the mishmash of fun and inanities that *usually* pops up around here. :)

And I'll start here with this, which, yes, I totally got from Cleo's Tumblr, heh. Because WE LOVESES PALLAS CATS!!

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