Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

Keratoconus: Update the Fourth Part B

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“I guess this part 2 since voice post cut me off but I think I was saying that my eye was burning and itching and stuff and I was trying not to touch it but they give you some drops to soothe(?) it and faster than that it was a lot better. It still feels weird but not like I mostly have a killer headache now and that might be in part because of the procedure I'm not sure but I'm gonna go to bed and sleep a lot because they tell you to sleep a lot with a little plastic shield over your eye. We're you know Cleland and I were joking about how I should have a monocle(?) and I wanted it to be made of Sky foil but all I get is a plastic eye shield which is not nearly as exciting but I I'm going in tomorrow and he's gonna look at my eye and he's gonna look at how how it's doing and the it's from what I understand the way it will go is that they won't be able to tell right away if it's worked just if it's healthy and doing ok and then within like a week and a month and 3 months they'll start seeing the effects of it and so I think the 3 months mark is quite when they would be able to say yes it's definitely working and do we wanna start looking at the other eye to do the procedure. So that's the timeline there and so right now I'm concentrating on going to the other appointments and figuring out how to miraculously make 3 thousand dollars appear before October 31st. I was thinking of calling on Datona(?) because she she does quite good magic tricks but unfortunately I don't think I have her number over at the DC Comics Group. So that's pretty much it. I'm doing ok. I'm gonna sleep a lot and I'm really really really grateful for everyone who's been sending me good wishes and ___ and also financial help of course and I would be in much worse place without you guys. So thank you so much and I'll keep you posted ok. Have a good night. Bye bye.”

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Tags: health, keratoconus, serious things

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