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2010 UK Discworld Con! And England! Part 2: Electric Boogaloo! Woo!

Yes, that IS me in Sergeant Angua's costume from Going Postal the movie.

Now then, where were we? Oh yes: Saturday!

OK, so I must admit we slept in a bit on Saturday. Just a bit. ...But I did manage to make it out of the room by 12:30!! Um. At least I was glamorously attired in what I like to call my "Victorian tart on vacation in Genua" outfit (featuring the shamble necklace!). Hee.

I hurried along to find someone to borrow recording tech from, since the original plan to use Renta's computer had hit a snag (some kind of audio card error thing?) and luckily BOTH John Hicks and Barry R. (hello, hobnobs!) were willing to help. I ended up borrowing Barry's stuff, and got both Stephen Briggs and Colin Smythe all interviewed and recorded. Yay! (Stay tuned to the NADWCon site/LJ news page - nadwcon - for interviews!) Then ran off a few minutes late to Terry's Guest of Honor interview, where con Chair Brian interviewed Terry. Terry talked about having a sword made to go with his knighthood (he mentioned it is called Albion), and many other interesting things, and then Stephen Baxter, who is collaborating with Terry on the 'Long Earth' series, joined them onstage and they talked a bit about that. It sounds very exciting!

After the talk I was walking along as innocent as can be when suddenly Rob appeared out of nowhere to inform me that NOW was the time to do my interview with Terry, yes, yes, come along to the Green Room, right now, right this minute, oh, you have to grab your computer and set up your tech? Well all right then but hurry along!! (hee) and off I went to interview Terry. Fortunately, despite the whirlwind nature of this, I think the interview turned out just fine (again, stay tuned!). :) At the end Terry was taken away to "crash Ian's talk" - a.k.a. the Going Postal movie panel Ian Sharples of The Mob Film Co. was doing. I packed up in a hurry and ran along and was able to catch the last few minutes of it, too. Here's a hint as to what the next Mob film will be. (Nota bene: The "football" featured onstage was created at the last minute by Ops out of plastic bags, bubble wrap, tape, and markers, and actually *did* bounce just slightly. Ops, if I was a hat-wearing sort of person, I'd take my hat off to you!) Ian also showed the "Postman" video that I linked last post, which I love like crack. It's adorable. :D

After the panel, Chris Boote had me sign the book that everyone was signing to give to Terry ("We are always asking you for autographs, so we thought this time we would give you ours."), and then looked about for someone to grab food with, because I hadn't eaten all day and was hella hungry, and in no mood to sit through the Maskerade when there was a chance at food. Fortunately for me, Ian Sharples was also not at the Maskerade and in need of food, so we had a very nice relaxed dinner and chat while everyone else was off performing in costumes! Colin Smythe also came over and joined us, along with Barry R. and Matt Pettitt, and we had a very nice chat together. Eventually even more people showed up in the bar due to the Maskerade ending, so I walked around and took some pictures of the crowd (including Sarah & Brad, who I later saw in Wincanton as well; and Ashe, who I'd been emailing with before the con), and chatted with Ian Stewart and Stephen Baxter for a bit, and the Wards and Renta, and then...at some point, it was time for sleeeeeping.


I GOT UP EARLY (ok 9:15 whatever it's pretty early) even though I'd gone to bed at 5 am with several drinks in me, and got to Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen's signing line before it ended. I didn't get anything signed by Terry because a) I already have several books signed by the good Sir; and b) I had to go crash Rob's Klatch again. It was IMPERATIVE that I do so, because I was wearing Sergeant Angua's full City Watch uniform from the Going Postal movie that Rob had handed off to me the night before (destined for the 2011 auction, but I was given permission to wear it), and really, if I'm going to be wearing 19 layers of corduroy and canvas and A (FIBERGLASS?) BREASTPLATE, someone ought to be seeing it. So I headed over that way, considered arresting Rob (what? I had a badge!), realized I had no handcuffs, was very sad about this fact, and sat quietly listening instead. After the Klatch (lots of fun!) I sat down again with Ian Sharples for a bit and chatted with him before he left, and then watched a bit of the charity auction (NADWCon2009 items raised 256 pounds, everyone! That's like $400, y'all! Yay!). They raised over 18,000 pounds (about $27,500) total, making this (AFAIK) the most successful Discworld Con charity auction to date (ours in 2009 held that title prior to this year, at $25,000. All very exciting, raising so much for charity!). After a bit I ran off to track Bernard Pearson down for an interview, and then back to the charity auction for a brief visit, before making a quick visit to the pub to salute Sir Terry (because what is the POINT of wearing an authentic City Watch uniform if you don't go salute Sir Terry in it?) and the lovely Philippa of Transworld took the above photo and a couple of others for me (the natural light made them some of the nicest pics of the weekend, IMO). And then I ran off to change for the Gala Banquet.

For the Gala Banquet I'd decided to go as Christine from Maskerade, pretty much solely so I could wear a designer dress that I'd owned for FOUR YEARS (after getting a *very* good deal on it) and never worn (I mean, really. FOUR YEARS). Jean Tillson the Amazing had made a fantastic fascinator/pretty-much-half-a-hat for me, with red feathers and a little gold bird on top (a bird! a whole little bird!), and I'd found some red opera gloves and outrageously flashy (and HEAVY) red rhinestone jewelry, and then OF COURSE I'd had to put together the key prop - a red tissue paper-wrapped bouquet of dead rose stems (sprayed with rose scent). It was rather hilarious to have 12 dead roses hanging upside down in my apartment for a week, but a good thing I'd done it, because no one would have thought I was anything other than a person in fancy dress without them, I think. (I was amazed - Terry got the outfit right away, of course, and a couple of people I didn't know got it, but there were a few folks who surely should have known (I will not name names!) that didn't get it, even after I said, "HINT: I am a terrible opera singer and oh look at these dead rose stems." Ah, well. :) I think I looked ok even if people didn't realize that I was supposed to be a character. When Terry guessed it, though, I did (half-joking) ask him if he'd like to hear me sing, and of course he said, "Go on then!" So I gave him my best breathily terrible rendition of: "Kwesta!! Malydetta!!! Porto see blocker!!" To which he replied, "Yes, I think that'd be about right!" Hee.

But that was all after dinner, actually! Pre-dinner, Erica and I went to the pre-con drinks thing, decided the line was waaay too long to wait for a drink, and hung around a bit. Then I went out in the hall for a minute (the music was not my thing) and took a photo of Renta and Chris in their lovely dresses, and then Renta and I went to the bar, because it had NO line, and got a drink there. Heh. At dinner I sat with the Harkins and Jean from France and Chris Boote and a few folks I hadn't yet met (hello, Marie and Jane!). The party favor was a fantastic paperweight from The Discworld Emporium that was made to look like an Ironcrust pastry. Hah! The food...well, honestly (sorry, concom) my food was not that fantastic. BUT THE DESSERT WAS GREAT. And then there were speeches, and then the aforementioned wandering around the bar and "singing" for Terry et. al, heh. And then, eventually, sleep.

Monday (might as well keep on trucking, yes?)

Monday I managed to get into (appropriately) my opening ceremony costume from NADWCon2009 before going down to the "World of Conventions" panel to shill for NADWCon2011. (Oh, and I should probably mention that I'm officially on the 2011 committee now. I don't know why I was trying to deny I would be. So say hello to 2011's Co-Guest Liaison and Convention Advisor. *waves*) Anyway, I pitched the hell out of the 2011 con (EVERYONE COME IT WILL BE AWESOME OMG) and gave out some prototype t-shirts, and then off I went to the Rocky Horror Discworld Show, which was really very well done (and now I have "Time Warp" stuck in my head permanently forever for all time OMG). P.S. If you don't click on any other photo links you should click on this one because it's really not to be missed. :) I had to run up and do some packing before the opening ceremony, due to needing to figure out how the heck to transport all the auction items and things I'd picked up. Then I went to the closing ceremony, told some folks goodbye, and had a nice relaxed dinner with Erica at the pub. I took a small nap before going down to chat with the folks who had stayed past the end of the con; talked to Chris Ward for awhile, and then ran into Brian, who was on his way to listen to Jacqueline Simpson (of The Folklore of Discworld) tell some stories. So I went along! Jacqueline told us the (very abridged) legend of Beowulf, and it was fantastic! And then I hung around with the concom into the wee hours of the morning, trading stories and chatting and generally having a lovely time. I think I went to bed at 5:30. AM.

Post-con adventures and London book launch of I Shall Wear Midnight to come!
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