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Happy Fourth of July, everybody! The holiday wherein there are lots of fireworks (I watched them explode over the Washington Monument, myself - pretty!) and I apologize for not posting so much lately. Sorry about that. :D

Been working with some soon-to-be clients, babysitting the baaaaaaby (he really IS the cutest thing ever, you know. Also he likes me lots, which is adorable. He even looks sad and makes a tiny little cry when I leave. Aw), working on the vampire teddy bear, and generally getting stuff done (still catching up from my trip to Indiana). And...that's pretty much it, I think.

Oh, except I've also been planning/anticipating with great excitement my trip to England in August for the UK Discworld Con and sightseeing afterward. I've decided to make my post-con travels a blend of Discworld and King Arthur, so will be visiting some Arthurian-related sites, and some Discworld friends. Fun!

And speaking of Discworld, I've found the dress I'd love to wear to the UK Con banquet. Of course, it's a dress from the Going Postal movie and I don't own anything remotely like it, but I'm just sayin': how many people would you shank to wear this red dress?

Yeah, same here.
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