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Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool (art)!

You guys, have we talked lately about how awesome my friend John is? Maybe it's been awhile. Maybe we need to revisit this fact with a visual representation:

...of what he gave me for my birthday.

Slightly belated, which is not his fault. We haven't seen each other since...February, I think? :) But we finally got together for lunch at the Press Club today, and he gave me this:


Gorgeous! <3

(By John K. Snyder III)

John was over for my dinner party in February, and said today, "I thought your Deadpool collection needed a backdrop." Indeed they did, John, indeed they did. I shall be photographing them again shortly. :D

And speaking of John, his graphic adaptation of Harlan Ellison's Phoenix Without Ashes is in the works right now. He was telling me more about it today, and I am pretty sure I will HAVE to get it. Especially since I loved the one bit of Phoenix art I've seen so far from him.

And now, to sleep.
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