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Movies Movies Movieeees 2010! With Pictures! And Commentary!

Yeah, I know I owe y'all Stories of NYC, which are Fantastic, and Fun, and I had A Great Time. So stay tuned for that. But I got struck down by bronchitis this past week (aiee!) and am just now recovering, and at the moment, I am more in the mood to squee about (mostly upcoming) movies. So that's what you get! Welcome to:

Movies I Really Want To See Or Own And You Should Too: 2010 Edition

1) Recent movies I saw and now need to get on DVD:

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes and his electrified hair insist you must own this movie!

This movie was so much fun. Y'all know I've already fawned over its visuals and of course Robert Downey Jr. AND Jude Law were both awesome in it. The bromance was adorable, and the mystery was fun. And I can deal with a little variation from canon. And have I mentioned how great the London created by their set designers is? It's just...really lovely, in a gritty London sort of way. Delicious. I must have.

2) Movies I missed in theaters and now want to watch on DVD:

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Oops! I meant to see this in theaters. Heath Ledger's last performance, plus Johnny Depp and others, plus of course Terry Gilliam's whacked-out ideas? I'm there.

Plus there are weird effects with parquetry. I love that.


Matt Damon wants to know why you haven't seen this movie yet.

Yes, I meant to see this one in theaters too. I forgot. I heard it's brilliant, though.

The Red Baron

OMG! We're crashing! Aieeeee!

OK, OK, I may have first heard about the Red Baron via Snoopy (who didn't) but I confess I'm curious about this movie.

New York, I Love You

Yes, this is from my recent NYC trip. Shiny!

I haven't heard a thing about this and have no idea if it's any good. I'm just curious. Plus FYI if I haven't mentioned it I'm thinking of trying to move to NY if I can find a good job that will allow me to go. So this might be interesting to watch at this particular point in my life, just for kicks.

3) Movies that are out now:

The Runaways


The most striking thing about “The Runaways,” a new film about the trailblazing bad-girl rock band from the 1970s that spawned Joan Jett, is how authentic it feels. The clubs are properly scuzzy. The dialogue is properly raunchy. The actors can properly sing. The hair is fried and feathered, the skin spotty from weeks of running on little but potato chips and estrogen. From the adrenaline rush of performing to the monotony of rehearsal, it’s a vivid snapshot of life on the road for ambitious teenagers who are constantly told that rock ’n’ roll “is the sport of men.” (And that’s their own manager talking.) (New York Times)

I think this will be fab.

Alice in Wonderland


I've heard mixed reviews about it, but, unlike Avatar, this is a movie I actually AM willing to go see for visuals alone. I can't wait to see what Tim Burton's crazy hair has come up with this time. Besides Johnny Depp's makeup, which, yes, totally creeps me out. But that's sort of par for the course for Depp in makeup, isn't it? Johnny Depp: Creeping People Out Since 1963. (Just kidding. I ♥ you, Johnny Depp.)

How to Train Your Dragon

I've heard this is worth seeing. A Viking action comedy with cool animation! Yeah, sounds good to me, too.

4) COMING SOON! Movies:

The Losers

They. Are. Badass.

Government operatives turned out in the cold by their government are now being actively hunted, and decide to turn the tables and strike back. I think this might be the one on this list I'm most excited about (OK, well after Iron Man 2, but still). It's based on the graphic novels by Andy Diggle and Jock, it looks like fun and action and yes, a fair bit of Actual Plot and Intrigue, and it stars both Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chris Evans (*fans self*). What's not to look forward to?


I love the photos we've gotten for this movie so far:

Srs. business Iron Man and War Machine:

Cheesecake! Iron Man:

Cute Stark and Pepper:

Fanservice Stark: muscles, rrrowr!

Sad, just-crashed-my-racing-car Stark:


And now, to commentary:

ASKGJERJEFKDFS! I get incoherent just thinking about how excited I am for another Iron Man movie. I mean, YES, some of this may be solely due to Robert Downey Jr. BUT it's also because the first movie was so fantastic, AND because I have such a love/hate relationship with this character that I can't wait to see what I think when I see this next movie (love because TONY STARK IS SO AWESOME and hate because OMG THE CHARACTER IS SUCH AN ASS SOMETIMES. I mean, I know they kind of have to make him an ass because otherwise he'd be too sparkly awesome for us to look directly at, but still. That scene in the recent comics where Pepper and Maria Hill realize he slept with both of them just prior to turning himself into a vegetable? DOUCHE.) I am so ready for the ride Jon Favreau and RDJr. are going to take us on. Also? Matt Fraction, current Invincible Iron Man writer, consulted on the film. Have we mentioned how much I love Matt Fraction? Yes? Well let's mention it again. MATT FRACTION IS AWESOME. So, you know. Anything he touches, I'll read/buy/see/absorb through my pores/whatever. Because he's ♥ ♥ Matt Fraction ♥ ♥ I may have a problem. But I don't care. Matt Fraction rocks.

Shrek Forever After

(And I'm going to stop with the pics now, because all I'm finding are movie posters this far ahead. Or because I'm lazy.)

OK, yes, I kind of just have to see this because I know it will be cute and fun. It's Shrek. Cute. Fun. Woo! P.S. Will there be Puss in Boots? Yes? WOO!

The Last Airbender

YES, I have issues with the casting. YES, I have fear that M. Night Shaymalan is going to mess up again. YES, I am apprehensive about this movie in general. But I still want to go see it. Because I love the TV series LIEK WHOA and if it even comes close to that it will be great. *crosses fingers*

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Based on the graphic novel series originally recommended to me by spectralbovine, which I (yes, I know, I'm terrible) still have not gotten a chance to read. BUT. Sunil recommended the story, so I trust it's good, and EDGAR WRIGHT is the director of the movie. EDGAR WRIGHT. Of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz. We here at Foresthouse Central have Matt Fractionesque levels of admiration for Edgar Wright (along with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jessica Stevenson, etc.) and in our books, if he is on the project? It will be awesome. I can't wait.

The Green Hornet

OK, Seth Rogen, who I know is loved by many, is kind of hit-or-miss in my book. Sometimes his humor just tries so hard it's not funny anymore. BUT. I think he'll be ok on this. AND I have to confess that there is no way I could not see this movie, having grown up with the old Green Hornet radio shows (Dad is a fan). So. WOO!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I


And it's only THE FIRST HALF. Gah.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

WOO! Although they may not make it through all the books (which would be SAAAAD, since I really, really want to see The Magician's Nephew on the big screen), this one is a favorite of mine, and I cannot WAIT to see it. Yay!

And for 2011

Yeah, I don't know what-all is coming out in 2011 yet except for HARRY POTTER PART II HURRY UP HURRY UP and FREAKIN' DEADPOOL OMG! but I am looking forward to those (and yes, those are their official titles). WOO.
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