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A Collection of Interesting Things

Linkspam time! This time, because I love you all (well I always do, but I'm less tired now) my links will have CATEGORIES. And ACTUAL TITLES. And COMMENTARY. Maybe. Some of them. WOO.


Dos and Don'ts in Query Letter-Writing

And a bit of query letter advice geared more towards screenplays

Random House admits concern over Apple agency model

And I think their concerns are justified, regardless of whether they are justified *enough* to refrain from moving to the iPad format.

Movies & TV

Kevin Smith Makes Bad Movies, Hates Critics

(@cleolinda: To which I reply: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/03/24/)

I pretty much agree with everything said about Kevin Smith in the above link. Which is too bad; I am one of those who actually did like his earlier movies, not to mention, being a New Jersian, I always get that little bit of happiness out of seeing the movies that were made in my home state and show places I've been. BUT. Smith hasn't produced anything impressive since before Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (*shudder*) and I actually un-followed him on Twitter because, for every clever thing he said, there were 15 things he said that weren't, or were downright disgusting. And, you know, I'm ok with a little bit of crass humor...but when it's not even funny? Yeah, no thanks. I find it hilarious that Smith suggests giving the free showing to his Twitter followers - that's just fine, but if the sum total of his followers are those who agree with or tolerate the crap he tweets, well, I wouldn't be surprised if they said his movies were ok, no matter how bad they were.

Angela Bassett Joins 'Green Lantern' As Amanda Waller

Checkmate! Oooh.

The Runaways: The Girls Who Kicked in Rock’s Door

I really, really want to see this movie. You will too, after reading this.

And speaking of this, 10 Must-See Films for Aspiring Punk Rock Girls Everywhere

Warners Unveil DC Movie Strategy... Maybe

Go for it, WB! Give us The Flash! Give us Geoff Johns! Give us Green Lantern, the JLA, and more! I'm there. Unless you give it all to us in 3D. Then I'm at home, with a headache.

Action Fans are Winners with The Losers

I am so ridiculously, epically excited to see this movie. (And not just because it stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chris Evans.) Come on, April 23! Hurry up!

Chris Evans Is 'Captain America' And Our Hump Day Hottie-- What A Superhero!

Good choice. Because he IS choice.

Famous Movie Quotes in Graph Format

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: An Intellectual and Spirited Debate

Hee! I love the rebuttals. (via @briantruitt on Twitter)

Avatar: The Last Airbender Re-Watch on Tor.com

Reading the first few of these made me want to immediately go home and start re-watching, myself. Fun!

And speaking of that, New trailer for The Last Airbender

I still have mixed feelings about the movie. On the one hand, looks like they are sticking close to at least some aspects of show canon. On the other hand...white people. Almost all white people. In a movie based on a show structured around four Asian cultures. And I'm not quite feeling it from the trailers. But, hey - I will give it a chance.

The Top 11 Naughtiest Moments in Animaniacs

I loved that show. SO MUCH. Hee.

RedEye's Best TV Character Tournament 2010: Round 1

It's not too late to get into March Madness, you guys! Voting for round 1 of TV show characters closes at noon Friday - so make your picks and get voting. (P.S. OMG, I have Westen facing off against Dexer Morgan on the left side - and it was really hard to make the choice. Both such stellar charaters.)

Law (and comics)

A Supersized Custody Battle Over Marvel Superheroes

Jack Kirby is and always will be one of the most recognizable names in comics, and had a hand in creating a lot of the Marvel characters that are staples of the company today. This should get interesting.


Today's featured art blog is Francesco Francavilla.

And not just because of the awesome Sherlock Holmes art, although certainly that may have played a part. :D

It's been awhile since I've recommended reading MightyGodKing's blog, so let me remind you all that it is there, and it is priceless. <3 I know next to nothing about this dude other than that he frequently makes me laugh, but I have a secret (well not anymore!) nerd crush on him for that very reason. And the wonderful posts he used to make on scans_daily (how I miss them!).

Who Won't Wield The Shield: Heroes For Humor

There will be Matt Fraction (<3). And Golden Age Deadpool. WOOOOO. This must be obtained and devoured.

DM of the Rings

What it is: Lord of the Rings is more or less the foundation of modern D&D. The latter rose from the former, although the two are now so estranged that to reunite them would be an act of savage madness. Imagine a gaggle of modern hack-n-slash roleplayers who had somehow never been exposed to the original Tolkien mythos, and then imagine taking those players and trying to introduce them to Tolkien via a D&D campaign.

I know this is old news, but I just discovered it and it's pretty hilarious. True, if you don't play some form of D&D (which I don't), you might miss some of the jokes. On the other hand, like I said, I don't play, but no one can deny the funny of some of these panels. (And I really, REALLY need to make the third panel down on the left into an icon. <3)

I really need to get to HeroesCon.

Look at all the cool peeps who will be there!


Imagining Life After the Invisibility Cloak

These photos are AWESOME.

Web and Media Design

10 Essential Design Tools for Social Media Pros

NICE resource.



Lady Gaga's New Yorker Cartoon


Covering Beyonce & Lady Gaga - Pomplamoose Makes Me Happy!


Tom Fowler gives us a few good comics podcasts he's been on

I haven't listened yet, but I am going to.

And There's the Write Club podcast.

I've only checked out the one that featured Reilly Brown, so far, but I am planning to listen to some more.

I have just started listening to The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy over at Tor.com.

The first ep was v. fun - I don't even like zombies, and yet I was sitting there thinking along with the podcasters, "What weapon would I most want in the event of a zombie apocalypse...?" Heh.

And we must never ever forget to check out MADE OF FAIL.

Because it is consistently awesome and brings the fun. Always.


Our very own cleolinda has been nominated for the Author Blog Awards on this site. Go to it to "vote" for her getting on the shortlist of nominees - the way to "vote" at this stage is actually to nominate her yourself, filling in her name (Cleolinda Jones) and her LJ blog in the appropriate places on the voting page. Go Cleo!

The Dark Cities

And another link

I love this idea (which is echoed in several elements of sci-fi/fantasy fiction - one example that springs to mind re: at least the Over-building/Under-building folks is, of course, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

(Sidenote: I am very sad The Nonist no longer exists as more than an archive. I hadn't heard of the site before, but it certainly looks like it's worth poking around there.)

Jet Bike Steve!

This will make absolutely no sense unless you have been following the Twitterfeeds of @edgarwright, @simonpegg, and @nickjfrost. But if you have, it's hilarious.

Remember how I linked the comics with the hilariously bad slang? Well, I'm actually still exploring all the hilarity of the site that was from. I recommend checking out the entirety of the Extras section so you don't miss any of it. (Like this bit. Or this one.)

XKCD of the Day

This reminds me of the stories my friend used to tell about crawling up in the crawlspaces of an Indian casino to repair wires and keep their systems running smoothly. "Oh yeah, you'd get all scraped up and cut your hands...but, you know, you had to keep everything going!" Heh.

Learn From My Fail

Which is a bit like that Worst Dates site I think I linked before in that sometimes it is cathartic to read and sometimes you can't stop reading because of the trainwreck-like quality of the entry. Funny stuff. (via @bairdduvessa)

90's Teen Idols - where are they now?

Just for fun. Although it is seriously depressing that all THREE of the Hanson brothers managed to "find their dream girls" and I'm still looking around for my one reality guy. Heh.

P.S. Rider Strong: Still cute. Also: smart. (Also, his full name is "Rider KING Strong." You really can't lose with a name like that.) Why does it seem so weird to me that he's actually 2 years older than I am?

Aaaaand, I'm done. Goooodnight, everybody!
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