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It's like a Christmas Feast of Linkage! And it's not even Christmas!

I've been saving a few of these up for awhile (read: I forgot about them) but for most, it just seems to have been a day in which a lot of interesting links appeared (mainly from my Twitter peeps (thanks!). So...


First off, don't forget the Help Haiti Heal fundraiser is still going until January 30. Last I heard, they were over $40K! $50K is equivalent to a whole plane's-worth of supplies that can help thousands of Haitians. Donate to the cause, and you'll be entered in a drawing to win a cool prize!

Also, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)'s donation of a signed guitar has now been added to the donations page. W00t!

(And cool, the fundraiser is mentioned here. It was mentioned on the USA Weekend blog last Friday. Yay!)

Shameless Self-Promotion

Next, because I haven't pimped it in, oh, like a few weeks or whatever (heh), here's a little shoutout to The Other Journal where I spend some of my time: Ask Deadpool (and the Ask Deadpool Twitter). If you *do* happen to read it (or, heck, even if you don't!), I've just signed up for this "Comic Blog Elite" list thingie, so ratings and reviews of how AWESOME Ask Deadpool is are welcome (come on, it's awesome, isn't it? ;). I went from #150 to #91 on the list in a few days (hooray!). Let's see if I can get to the top 50. (BTW, my friend The Deadpool Bugle is listed at #7 today. W00t!! That's awesome.)

Speaking of Ask Deadpool, raise your hand if you think Marvel should totally hire me to blog as Deadpool. I think they should. I mean, they have all these blogs listed on their site, but half of them are never even updated, and I betchya a million and three dollars if I started blogging as Deadpool over there at least 133 people would tune in (because that is how many people read Ask Deadpool, obvs. :) Or maybe even 528! (Because these people, for some unknown reason, follow the Ask Deadpool Twitterfeed). SO HEY, MARVEL. CALL ME IF YOU WANT A SMALL BUT AWESOME CONTINGENT OF READERS TO FOLLOW YOUR BLOGS. I AM AVAILABLE FOR BLOGGING AND COULD USE SOME EXTRA MONEY TO EAT AND PAY BILLS. P.S. Deadpool and the whole of Agency X says hi.

In other things, I will soon be appearing as a guest on the newest episode of the fantabulous geek-stuff-oriented podcast, Made of Fail, to talk about Discworld, literature, and several random other things! Hooray! The episode is recorded and in the editing stages, so it will probably be up very soon. Also, even though *I* am not on past episodes, I am taking this opportunity to tell you all that if you have *any* interest in geeky things (or even if you don't think you do) you should really go and check out the podcast in general (24 past episodes to enjoy!), which features not only the ever-amusing hosts alliancesjr and queenanthai, but also other guests much more exciting than me, including cleolinda, and Lewis Lovhaug of Atop the Fourth Wall.


Fun steampunk accessories!

Literary Links

Here's a good commentary on why you should not torment your editor.

(via @lilithstcrow)

How to use a semicolon (Hee hee hee.)

(via @Agent_M)

Hey, guess who is running for president of SFWA?

(via @cleolinda / @scalzi)

Movie Links

A great article about the beeeyyyewwwwtiful end credits of Sherlock Holmes (as screencapped by me here).

(via @cutebutpsycho76)

And an amusing review of why you don't want to see Legion.

(via @lilithstcrow)

TV Links

HBO's Song of Ice and Fire series is very likely to be greenlit. Yay! The show is based on the fantastic series by grrm.

Thanks to my co-worker for the heads-up.

Ooh! The trailer for Going Postal has apparently started airing in the UK.

(via @DWAuctioneer)

LOST's Oceanic 815 Crash in Real Time 24-Style

(via @AndyDiggle)

I would not use Alka-Seltzer after watching Dali advertise it. He makes it look scary. Yikes!

And more Dali! Dali on What's my Line?

Deadpool News

Deadpool as a cute little baayyyyby

and more grown-up-ly,

Ryan Reynolds Discusses Deadpool Movie

(Both via @DeadpoolBugle)

General Comic News

Regarding this odd campaign by Marvel to either figure out how successful DC's Blackest Night ring campaign was in case they want to copycat it, or just plain encourage the wanton destruction of DC comic books (retailers have to strip the covers to get the variant), @TomBrevoort says, "Turns out nobody has any extra copies of those ring books..." Cute, Tom (who's an editor at Marvel).

Alan Tudyk talks about a fan comic centered around Wash from Firefly

(via @JoshGeekSix)

Wizard Announces New Jersey Comic Con.

Hm. You know, I am all about Cool Things In New Jersey (having grown up there), but I am slightly puzzled by Wizard's approach to convention-planning. I mean, first they schedule Big Apple Con in NYC on the SAME WEEKEND as New York Comic Con (which is most definitely the one I am going to, as well as the one that will feature big names), and then they schedule the New Jersey Comic Con just one week after that. I...am puzzled by this. I mean, I guess their tactic for the one-week-after thing is that those who couldn't go to NY but could make it to NJ will go to it. But...there are some who would go to both if they were spaced out more, I am sure. FOr instance, last year I went to NYCC in February (albeit for ONE DAY, *tear*) and Baltimore Comic Con in October. And both were awesome, and they featured some of the same people (though not all) but I didn't care! Because it had been MONTHS since I'd been to a comic con, and I was really ready by then to go to another one. Not to mention people are going to be a lot more likely to shell out money for two cons if they aren't back-to-back.

(@Agent_M, who posted the link, seems as puzzled as me)

Yeah, this is an old blog entry, but it bears reading anyway: regarding Marvel's attempts to market comic book merchandise to women. Marvel: UR DOIN' IT WRONG.

Note: When I went about designing a few (Deadpool-related, of course) comic book merch items for myself, here's what I designed:

Deadpool, Inc. Tank

Deadpool mini button

Deadpool journal

These are all things I wanted to own enough to design them myself, and all things that (assuming the t-shirt design was transferred to a male cut) would work fine for both sexes. Heck, when Nathan saw my Deadpool button, he wanted one too! I'm not suggesting that all merch be unisex or anything, of course. Just saying, it's entirely possible for much of it to be awesome and unisex and not "alienate" anyone. And really? Think how much fun could be had designing things JUST for women without assuming we all want to be cutesy and wear pink sparkles (not that there's anything wrong with pink. Or sparkles). True, some of us girls like lipstick - but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with it! Stop with all the lip glosses with 1950's-esque Little Woman kissin' the Big Strong Hero pics on the front, and go a little bold. Throw in a little social commentary and snark! I can see it now: Deadpool brand lipstick, in "Cullen Blood Red." Now that's one way to get your sparkle in without being so lame about it. (And you KNOW if anyone could waste sparkly perfect Edward, it'd be Deadpool.)

P.S. Even though the posts are old, her whole blog is a recommended read. Wait 'til you get to the Lady Bullseye entry.

Fun Stuff

Good Looking One Not Working Today

(via @Maudelynn)

Neil Gaiman Shoots (Photos) with the LC-A+

(via @neilhimself)

YOUR OXEN HAVE DIED! Play Oregon Trail online!

(tangentially via @made_of_fail)

150 Geeky Media People YOu Should Be Following On Twitter

(via I can't remember who)

Today I was searching for stuff related to a blog post I'd made on the internet, and I randomly happened upon this, which is a LolCat'd version of the title of the post. SO RANDOM!

And on that note: Bedtime!
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