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LiveTweeting Help Haiti Heal. :)

I inadvertently ended up pretty much liveTweeting the live webcast of Help Haiti Heal and now I feel compelled to share some of it with everyone JUST BECAUSE. It was pretty fun.

Don't forget, you can donate all week until the evening of January 30, and they are going to be adding SEVERAL more big prizes tonight (things offered during the webcast).

@cleolinda The chat is insane. Diane Duane is there, and Dayna (@queenanthai)

Help Haiti Heal is live right now! http://www.thehpalliance.org/haiti/

PRIZE LIST for Help Haiti Heal! http://www.thehpalliance.org/haiti/prizes/

Donate to specific boxes to be eligible for those prizes: Can donate mult. times to be entered more

You guys are amazing! We just broke $10,000! (about 3:30?)

Help Haiti Heal is open for donations through the evening of Jan. 30! Go forth & donate & maybe win prizes!

Aw, this song is cute (who was that playing first?)

OK, the two wizard rock bands playing together now are actually really good (This was Ministry of Magic + The Remus Lupins = The Oceanic Six)

Over $14K raised for Haiti and Partners for Health so far! (about 4:30)

RT @fuggirls: Donate to Help Haiti Heal and win a Rowling-signed set of Harry Potters! Or our book! Or other stuff! - J

Haha, #hhh is now trending on twitter, yay!

$17K and counting. Yaaay!

OMG! Ernie Hudson (from Ghostbusters) just called in to donate some stuff

What? Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) will be live on the webcast!

@bairdduvessa I know! This is getting crazy awesome!

OVER $20K! Hurrah for Hank Green and for the fundraiser!

Wait, are we really on #CNN? (Still don't know if this is true; probably not since I can't find it.)

Aww, they just had a Jim Dale clip (the guy from the audio books and the DVD commentary) I love his voice.

Over $21K and counting! (about 5:30)

OK, this song is hilarious "Engines Make Me Hot" Firefly song

@cleolinda Apparently @TomFelton wants to do something to help too, although not on the broadcast today I don't think.

Pottercast is on now. Over $22K raised! Let's get to like, $100K!

Evanna Lynch on the phone right now

OMG her voice is adorable.

Darren Criss of Harry Potter musicals is live on the webcast

Apparently I decided to unofficially livetweet this thing, didn't I?

Yes, it's an awesome prize: "Have 20 pages of your original work edited by Cheryl Klein of Arthur A. Levine Books"

Haha, the chatters are saying "Accio Evanna!" #EvannaLynch is back on the webcast (She'd gotten disconnected)

OMG @TomFelton might donate a signed guitar? Wow, Tom, YOU ROCK. (about 6:30)

OK, I now officially think Evanna Lynch is hilariously adorable. Aw. What a sweetheart.

AND she got the trivia question right. (Whew)

Yay! How funny is it I'm over here rooting for Evanna Lynch to get trivia right.

AHAAHAHAH the prop sword of Gryffindor fell apart when Matt was playing with it on set. Evanna Lynch's stories are the best.

And she's going to make something for the prize donations (the radish earrings, maybe?)

She *just* offered to donate it, so I am guessing it will be listed sometime today or tomorrow perhaps? :)

Close to $25K now! Donate donate donate! Do it for Haiti! (about6:45?)

Evanna Lynch says she will get a book signed by all the young cast members for the prize donations

Confirmed! RT @TomFelton i'm going to donate one of my guitars and sign it and put it up for auction for Haiti (more info on that to come)

They are going to update the prize list after the live cast is over

#EvannaLynch is on fire with the trivia questions, hee.

#JohnGreen is now live on the fundraiser

@realjohngreen is the author of Looking for Alaska, one of the prizes

@realjohngreen is offering a first printing of "An Abundance of Katherines" and "Paper Towns" along with "Looking for Alaska"

I didn't know #EvannaLynch made her jewelry that she wore in the movies. Too cool! Thanks @Maudelynn for telling me.

AW. Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) is on LIVE now

Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch on the livestream TOGETHER with Pottercast

Matthew Lewis now offering to donate something as well. But not Nagini's head. It's needed on set.

Up to $26K so far with the fundraiser. Matthew Lewis is impressed!

RT @briantruitt I donated. Did you? Help Haiti with other members of fandom.

Thanks, @briantruitt, for the donation and support. Over $26K so far!

@mattdavelewis is charming on the phone. Aw. Guys! Go listen and donate for Haiti.

Almost $27K raised so far (about 7pm?)

I am officially a fan now of not only #EvannaLynch, but @mattdavelewis. Hilarious.

@mattdavelewis vs. the 6-foot-tall wasp - currently live on Pottercast. Just hit 27K!

Bye, Evanna Lynch!

@mattdavelewis on his scene with Nagini - it's done with ninja moves: "I actually kill it with chopsticks"

HEEHEEHEE. Thank you, @mattdavelewis, for entertaining me on a random Saturday.

Partners in Health sponsors local organizations in Haiti - it's not just relief, it's constant support of the country rebuilding itself

Almost to $28K! (about 7:30?)

New! For $50 donation, @mattdavelewis (Neville!) will follow your Twitter for two weeks.

Make sure and put your Twitter name in the box underneath for that one! @mattdavelewis

OMG Gollum impression hahaha

I think they just broke @mattdavelewis with the Gollum impression. I'm dying. Heeee.

@mattdavelewis on using an emergency call button that no one answered: "What if it'd been a real emergency? What if I'd been on fire or something?" Heh.

Pottercast: "Well, then you could just take off the Sorting Hat." HEEEE. NICE.

$900 dollars away from $30K! #hhh still a trending topic. W00t! Donate donate donate! (About 7:45?)

WOO, someone just donated $240. Go people!

Trivia questions for @mattdavelewis: he says, "Oh, is this for me again?" in worried voice. HEE.

$50K brings a PLANE full of medical supplies to help thousands. We can help thousands y'all!

We're at $30K now! Imagine what it will be by January 30!

RT @Mattdavelewis Ok well my battery went. I'm gone. But we still achieved an incredible thing. To all those that donated; thank you. $30k. Woop woop.

@melissaannelli says: "Someone just donated $1000." Jeff R, you rock!

Darren Criss of "A Very Potter Musical" is on live again

RT @queenanthai: @foresthouse and @cleolinda just got thanked on #hhh.

AW. @melissaannelli just thanked me and @cleolinda on the live stream. *smiles* Thank YOU, Melissa.

The webcast is wrapping up, but will be re-aired soon. The donation page will be open until Jan 30!

Andrew Slack says: This Wed, 8:30 PM ET At livestream.com/sayaha - more cool stuff to listen to from http://www.thehpalliance.org/haiti/ #hhh

WHEW. OK, guys. I am done spamming you with #hhh for now. But don't forget, donations welcome until Jan 30, and new prizes being added!

And now, *I* am going to go decide which boxes to put my donation in.

P.S. Apparently they will be replaying the livestream at some point, too.
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