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Help Haiti Heal, Live, Right Now!

The Help Haiti Heal webcast fundraiser is going on live right now! Currently Mugglecast is podcasting live for it.

Click the link to see & hear the video, and/or to participate in the chat.

Click HERE to donate and thus enter the drawings for fabulous prizes!

(The way it works with prizes is that you choose which "box" you want to donate in, and if you donate in that box you are entered in the drawing to win those prizes. You can donate more than once in any box to be entered multiple times in that category. E.g. if you want the signed Pratchett books, donate $40 to the box that lists the signed Pratchett books, and you are entered to win either the signed Wintersmith or the personalized Unseen Academicals. Donate more than once using that particular PayPal button to be entered more than once. If you ALSO wanted to be entered in, e.g., the John Snyder sketch drawing, you would want to donate to both the Pratchett box and the Snyder box, i.e. $90 total for one entry in each category).

UPDATE: The prize eligibility rules are here, and the donation boxes are open until the evening of January 30. So all week, spread the word and enter to win prizes by donating money for Haiti.

So go forth and give money to help the very worth cause of Haiti relief (donations go to Partners in Health, one of the main charities helping with relief efforts on the ground in Haiti).

ETA: Currently, David Lawrence of "Heroes" is talking about Haiti and Partners in Health on the podcast (prerecorded for the podcast).
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