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Inspired by the Inimitable Shawn Spencer of Psych

This amuses me way too much. (To get the reference if you don't watch Psych (which YOU SHOULD), you have to watch this hilarous clip (and/or this one. There are some variations.)


@cleolinda: @meggytron I very sadly do not have any nicknames...The best I can do is "Cleo."

@foresthouse: @cleolinda Come on, admit it. Everybody calls you Cleolicious. ;) Hee hee hee.

@cleolinda: @foresthouse C. Jo, sometimes

@cutebutpsycho76: @foresthouse @cleolinda I thought it was Miss Cleo if you're nasty.

@foresthouse: @cleolinda Anyway, we can't forget Cleoloinda.

@Maudelynn: @foresthouse haha, oh la i remember that.

@foresthouse: @Maudelynn THE EVIL TWIN STRIKES AGAIN. It's the nefarious mustache that clues us in.

@cleolinda: @foresthouse @Maudelynn LIKE SO: http://tinyurl.com/ya2l8jp

@foresthouse: @cleolinda I love the comic where Deadpool comments that it CAN'T be an evil version of Cable he's just met, because there's no goatee.

@foresthouse: @cleolinda I was just watching one of my favorite YouTube clips that make me laugh, actually: Shawn Spencer's nicknames for Gus on Psych.

@foresthouse: @cleolinda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R49b5PZd5qc If I ever go somewhere with you, I am so going to do this to you. ;)

@foresthouse: @cleolinda "Hello, I'm Emily, and this is my friend, Dermish McHaberdasher. She's from Tring."

@cleolinda: @foresthouse Cleolinda "Cleo" Jones http://tinyurl.com/ybgouy3

@cleolinda: @foresthouse Heeeeeeee. Now I'm going to have to sit up and prepare a retaliatory list of names.

@foresthouse: @cleolinda It's really one of my favorite parts of the show. What makes it awesome is how Gus just goes with it.

@foresthouse: @cleolinda "I'm Emily, and this is my friend, Cleopatriot Flagstaffer."

@foresthouse: @cleolinda "Hello, I'm Shaman Tarantula, and this is my partner, Hallelujah Sanderson. We fight crime."

@foresthouse: @cleolinda P.S. Sorry, I'm having way too much fun with this. Ms. Glasston C. Jonerton the Third.

@alliancesjr: @foresthouse @cleolinda Emanuella McFisterpants

@foresthouse: @alliancesjr You better watch out, or I'm going to start on you, too.

@foresthouse: @alliancesjr "Hi, I'm Emilina Restonberg, and this is my personal assistant, Kevin "Loch Ness" Ferrymander."

@alliancesjr: @foresthouse "Good evening. My name is George C. Mountebank, and this is my hetero life-partner, Stella Gingham-MacLeggerton."

@foresthouse: @alliancesjr Why yes, I am the new mousecatcher, Evandey Parsimmon, and this is my dedicated cheese-carrier, Silvester "Trixantreats" Kelto

@alliancesjr: @foresthouse "I'm Chesterfield Gregham the Fourth, and this is Daisy Wiffleton. We heard you had a lack of rocking out. How can we help?"

@foresthouse: @alliancesjr Here we are! Emmasue Telesco at your service, with my trusty sidekick Armament Trell. How can we help with your plumbing needs?

@alliancesjr: @foresthouse "Did you call for us? Frank Frankelton. This is Shaniqua."


OK, clearly we need better hobbies.

(This is E-con "Fo-shizzle" Nipwit, signing off)

ETA: More Shawn Spencer silliness
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