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Why is this necessary? My thoughts on the Spider-man reboot, let me show you them - Walking on the Edge — LiveJournal
I don't really have a plan...
Why is this necessary? My thoughts on the Spider-man reboot, let me show you them
News of the day: Sony Rebooting Spider-man in 2012

Gah. What is wrong with the studios? There is absolutely no need to reboot Spider-man right now. I mean, ok, if they think the current series of movies has run its course? Don't do another Spider-man movie right now. I'd much prefer no Spidey movies and some other superhero or movie altogether to a reboot origin story so soon after a fairly successful series of movies that, for its faults, was overall pretty darned good (esp. 1 & 2). Not to mention in my opinion, it and the X-Men series between the two of them (both generally good if sometimes flawed trilogies), introduced the current craze for modern superhero movies and helped pave the way for the completely-awesome-not-flawed Iron Man and Batman movies. So it's not exactly like they were atrocious or were hated - they were well-received and fueled the public's desire for MORE superhero movies.

Not to mention I've read speculation that the studio is doing this so they can cash in on the Twilighters by Twilighting up the new movie (RPattz as Spidey? OMG why would anyone even suggest that?? Please be joking, crazy commenter.) Yes, an RPattz Spidey would be silly, but I don't think it's entirely crazy to think they are bringing Peter back (AGAIN) to his teen years to cash in on that teen crowd.

But you know what? Forget that! If they are going to go ahead and do another Spider-man movie, you know what i think? I think they should go the other way. I vote for skipping ahead in time to a total badass, adult, sure-of-himself Spider-man kicking tail, geniusing his way through mega-puzzle plot twists, and wisecracking as he deals with a lineup of some of his darker rogues' gallery peeps. They could start with a plot involving the Maggia (which, hey, could totally give us some good Madame Masque moments (she so twisted) and incidentally include a Robert Downey Jr. cameo (hey, MM and Iron Man totally dated and stuff. And it's RDJr. GIVE ME MORE). The Maggia's a good starting point because A) everyone loves a good Mafia movie, and the Maggia are the Marvel Mafia (strict code of secrecy, families, the whole bit); and B) The Maggia are so vague in the comics that they could be planning anything and it would be canon because we almost never know what they actually DO, being shadowy like the Mafia, and of course; C) they hire supervillains all the time, so that would give us the excuse of pulling in crazy twisted weirdos like The Jackal (and thus possibly a million Spider-man clones! Effing clones! Why the hell not?) and Carnage (hey, people want Venom so badly? Let's give them the Completely More Scary Crazy Version! Plus his name is Cletus, which makes me laugh) and just for kicks, round out the collection with Mister Negative (who is truly freakin' disturbing and creepy, not to mention whenever he talks to Aunt May I feel vaguely dirty because it almost feels like he's...too interested in her eighty-something year-old self). And they could all be involved in like, 3 plots at once, where one of the families is bent on bringing down Spider-man (vengeance is always a good motivator. They could spin that.) and another is plotting some kind of government infiltration that Spidey gets mixed up in, and a third is engaging in international terrorism with Lucia von Bardas or some such and it could all come together in a bunch of plot twists where everyone's involved with the other families' plans but they don't know it at first and then this will of course result in several Epic Battles (these are clearly needed for good superhero movies, right? Surely!) which Spidey will of course eventually win, but then, just to round it all off and keep it interesting, we could have a side plot of Iron Man throwing over Madame Masque, who then falls for Mister Negative, which would be REALLY AWESOME because Mister N doesn't know he's evil half the time and his nice half would want nothing to do with Madame Masque, and that would really mess with Madame Masque's already screwed up persona and, with the right actress, we could get some Dafoe-level scenery chewing in the movie as well.

...But maybe I'm just crazy. And kind of sort of kidding. Still, I'd rather see that than another Spidey origin story. Wouldn't you?

Eh. *sigh* Peter Parker in high school it is.

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bairdduvessa From: bairdduvessa Date: January 13th, 2010 07:01 am (UTC) (current file)
i am in agreement with you. it's too soon for a fucking reboot. it's too soon to see him get bitten again. it's lie Superman we all know his origin...can't we have a movie that just has fun?

i hope that they don't do this reboot crap (safe with fantastic 4), but rather just move on. ignore the other movies if need be, but don't rehash tired plots.

that being said, Sony if you do decide on the reboots...introduce and build eddy brock, gwen stacy, norman osborn 2 or 3 movies before their plots happen. let the audience learn who they are and identify them for their eventual falls (with gwen that could be quite literal).
foresthouse From: foresthouse Date: January 13th, 2010 07:22 am (UTC) (current file)
ignore the other movies if need be, but don't rehash tired plots.

Totally. It's like, if someone writes a lousy run in the comics (not that I'm saying the Spider-man movies were lousy, b/c I don't think they were (well, 3 was spotty, but still) they don't go back and redo the same plotline (mostly) but just move on to a different story arc. I advocate that position for movies, too. Unless it's something like Batman, where it had been YEARS and there was a new direction and new effects technology etc. they could use.
bairdduvessa From: bairdduvessa Date: January 14th, 2010 08:59 am (UTC) (current file)
although if they wait a few years and do a reboot, ultimate spiderman would be great...but only if they can get the daredevil characters from miramax (and skip the deadpool arch)
kittenscurious From: kittenscurious Date: January 13th, 2010 05:00 pm (UTC) (current file)
Oh man, I am SO not ready for a Spiderman reboot. I've only ever seen the first two, but I'm kind of already tired of the franchise, and I can't be the only person who feels that way. I like Spiderman, but I'm ready for something different.
emmacmf From: emmacmf Date: January 13th, 2010 05:45 pm (UTC) (current file)
I LOVE Spiderman, and I think Tobey Maguire did an amazing job as Peter Parker. I have no clue what comic book fans thought of him, but I loved him.

If they want to take it in a new direction, I agree with you - skip forward ten years, and have a confident, slight cock-sure Spidey.
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