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And thus we begin the new year. Hello, 2010!

I had a dream today that I was in the show Bones. I think. There was some sort of ancient Asian archaeological dig, and Booth and Bones were there, but it was all very sci-fi compared to the actual scienc-yness of the show. We discovered a substance that the ancient culture (whatever it was) had used to shape clay, that was like a conductor that let the person communicate with the clay; i.e. they spread this transparent oily stuff on the clay, and then they could shape it with their minds as well as their hands. But only certain people could do it. Booth could. I tried but I couldn't make it work.

But it was also a very 'ghosts in the walls' sort of place, the dig (which was in a large amphitheater/arena) and the lights didn't all go on where they were supposed to, and people kept appearing unexpectedly but saying they had just walked in (even in a locked room). Bones and I went up on some balcony-thing on a tower in the middle of the arena, and then I sensed danger and ended up saving Bones but three people still fell as the balcony broke off. Dr. Sweets was one of them. In a rare fourth-wall-breaking moment, in the dream I said something like, "Well he didn't last as long as I expected," and I was referring to him being off the show. (Which he is not in real life, thank goodness. I love Sweets.) But all the rest of it seemed very "real" i.e. I wasn't dreaming I was on a TV show. And everyone was trying to figure out what was going on, from Bones and I sitting in a little cafe reviewing events to some guy on the stairs of the dig who I now can't remember but I think is someone I know from real life. They were talking about visiting New Jersey.

WEIRD. Although I'd sure like some of that conductor stuff.

I blame at least some of this dream on having watched The Lake House before bed last night. (For instance, the director of the dig in my dream was the actress who played an archaeologist in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II, and was also the lead doctor at the hospital Kate works at in The Lake House.) The movie's a little bit 'ghosts in the walls' too, given the communications across time and the voiceover letters and the both-being-in-the-same-place-at-different-times-but-communicating thing.

Speaking of The Lake House, it was better than I expected. I think I was iffy on watching it because Keanu Reeves tends to be spotty sometimes in the more serious acting roles, but I really liked the story, which is sweet but pretty eerie, and both of the leads did a good job (especially with the voiceovers, which could be jarring since they are so frequent here). I liked the twist even though it was telegraphed and I expected it, because it was handled well and it (and the time/communication thing) still made me think. One thing I wasn't quite a big fan of was that because it's more romance than sci-fi, some of the 'how is this happening' parts aren't that clear. But, hey - that's part of the reason I was still thinking about it afterward, so I guess that's not all bad.

And now, I will stop discussing random dreams and movies and say, HAPPY NEW YEAR, all. My resolution this year is to write more on LJ, seeing as I have been sort of MIA lately. Heh. (I mean, I have a lot of other Serious Resolutions, like get a full-time job with health benefits, but, you know.) Also to throw a dinner party this month. I was planning on one for New Year's, but so many people were out of town that I did a little girls' night instead with 3 of my friends (hello, nixve!). It was really fun. :) But now I have all this food in my freezer and need people to come over and eat it. So: dinner party it is!

Speaking of dinner: time for food!
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