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That's right, you guys - I'm out of computer exile! My Dell Studio XPS 16 arrived a few days ago, and it is AWESOME (so far). So shiny and sleek and fast and not from 2003. Hee. I'm uploading programs and figuring out its features as fast as I can. Oh, and did I mention, it is awesome? It even came with FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE. It signs me on by looking at my face with its little camera. I don't even know if I can grok this advanced technology! But it's so, so cool. Merry Christmas to me!

One tiny complaint I have about it is that there are apparently NO wallpapers out there for this size and resolution (1920x1080) screen. Bah to the Dell guy who was all, "Oh yeah, they are ALL this proportion now." Which I don't believe, and this screen is probably going to hinder my website designing a little bit as I figure out the proper proportions to make everything look good on all screens, but hey - progress is progress. I guess soon we all will have computers with resolutions so high that we have to rummage around and find the bit on the help menu that tells us how to make our text bigger than the head of a pin. Heh.

Anyway, I solved my desktop problem by throwing together a bunch of Matthew Good desktops in bigger sizes (because, as it turns out, with this computer, you can actually do a theme where your desktop automatically changes at a set time. GROOVY.) My sister saw this in progress.

Sister: "Are you a crazy Matthew Good fan? You're a crazy Matthew Good fan."

Me: "What? NO! I'm not crazy. I just really like his music!"

Sister: "Riiiight."

Well it's true. I think I'm just super-hyped about MG at the moment because he's coming to the US on tour again in a few months, and the last concert was so goshdarned fun. Yay! And I always get super-excited about stuff like that a little bit before it happens. Not to mention I'm still loving the new album.

Anyway. Desktop problem solved!

I'll be adding other, non-MG desktops to that set eventually when I have a bit more time. I think Deadpool needs some love and giant desktops, not to mention Dylan Moran. ;P

In other things, Merry Christmas to EVERYONE and many happy wishes for the new year. We are celebrating the holiday late at my house, since an unexpected death in my BiL's family means he and my other sister are in Scotland until tomorrow. We will be doing most of our present-opening and the like on the 28th. So I'm still anticipating all those presents under the tree! :)

For now, I will leave you all with a little present. The cover art for some recent Zorro comics and the brand-new A-Team prequel series (just announced Dec. 21) that is coming out before the A-Team movie (Now! With More Liam Neeson!)

Cover art courtesy of the talented John K. Snyder, III, comic book and cover artist and all-around awesome guy.

These are for Zorro #16, 18, AND 20. As John says, he "kind of had a theme here, of preparing for trouble at sunset, the heat of battle in a torchlit duel, finishing with yet another night ending in a seemingly impossible escape--

Kind of like a typical weekend night in Adams Morgan."

(SO TRUE. Hee.)

(The first one I posted before but it's part of the series so I'm re-posting)

And the A-Team!

And now? I need to hie me over to the MALL.
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