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Today was a good day...

...solely because I checked Matthew Good's website today and THE US TOUR DATES ARE UP AND HE'S COMING BACK TO IOTA WHERE I SAW HIM PLAY BEFORE AND HELLO, I AM SO THERE.

He's *also* playing in NYC on a Friday, and I am seriously considering taking the train up to visit the parents that weekend and kicking it off by going to that show first. ZOMG.

I won't lie, when I saw that he was coming back to Arlington I ran down to my coworkers' office and flailed like a happy Muppet, even though they only know who he is at all because of my excitement. I am shameless in my fangirling. (Although I should note here that I'm not, like, a crazy obsessed fangirl in general. Really. It's just that he has SO RARELY come to the US prior to last year, and I am poor and cannot go to Canada, and so when I find out he's coming here I get very excited.)

So. There's that. Come March 30 and possibly April 2 of next year, I WILL BE SEEING MATTHEW GOOD PLAY LIVE AND IN PERSON. AGAIN. WHEE.

P.S. And I am reminded by my post about last year's show: THIS TIME I AM SO GETTING MY "VICTORY THROUGH SHEER VOLUME" MGB IPOD SIGNED. If he signs things, I mean. *g*


In other news, Here's What Ryan Reynolds Wants From A 'Deadpool' Trailer

I love Ryan Reynolds so, so much.

And speaking of comics, True Stories of the 'Core Marvel Universe' (feat. tiny bit of Deadpool!):

In the Core Marvel Universe, the most popular person is a 120 year-old Canadian berserker samurai who has who has been to the moon and was in love with a psychic who destroyed an alien planet and came back from the dead, married to both Japanese royalty and a green-haired terrorist, and had a child with a woman from a hidden region of Antarctica where dinosaurs and cavemen live.


In the Core Marvel Universe, a man who got his powers from the wizard Merlin and fought vampires that were shot out of a cannon on the moon by Dracula (who came to earth in a magic pirate ship), has a twin sister who was kidnapped by an interdimensional television executive and later had her mind transferred to the body of a Japanese assassin who could make a knife out of psychic powers.

also there is this line:

...HYDRA, which is not an acronym but is always capitalized anyway, an organization whose plans have included blowing up Washington DC with a horn.


And of course via that link I found other hilarious comics links, like:

The Stephenie Meyer Comic Book: So Much Worse Than 'Twilight'


13 Bizarre Comics, Cartoons & Illustrations


The Punisher's Most Ridiculous Moments Ever


(Technical note: I don't seem to be getting my comment notifications right now. Apparently I'm not the only one.)
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