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Link link link, all day long. Link link link while I sing this song...

(OK, I started this entry last night, before my OW OW OW BACK PAIN WHAT THE HECK started, and I never got around to posting it. So, um...I proclaim Thanksgiving wishes are still valid until the end of this post.)


I hope you all had tons of good food, family, and fun today, as I did. :)

Today is another Day Of Linkage. I.e. all you need is love, but all you get is linkspam. Sorry, kids! But hey, it's all good stuff! :)


OK, first off, some of the coolest comic book artists ever (well that I know, anyway) were interviewed in an audio interview of Studio Revolver (their studio) that went up a couple of days ago. Seriously, these guys are great, so everyone should go give this a listen. Kevin, Dex, Georges, John - you're awesome! (P.S. queenanthai, Georges is the current Buffy comic book artist, so this might be Relevant to Your Interests.) Thanks to Georges for the link.

In other cool comics news, Larry Marder is coming out with a new Beanworld book. Yay! Larry did a Deadpool Bean sketch for me in Baltimore. Aw. Thanks to Wonderful Neil for this news.

Speaking of comics, have I mentioned Penny Arcade, The Series? Well now I have! Heh.

And of course don't forget that new comics were available the day before Thanksgiving, because it was Wednesday, and Wednesday = COMICS. Yay!

And finally, in comics, Nathan has sent me another awesome thing. Which I cannot yet share. But it totally made my morning a couple of days ago. YAY. :)


In news of the Discworld, the Only You Can Save Mankind (Music from the Musical) album is now available on iTunes! Leighton James House is the composer, and it's really neat! We got to hear it for the first time at the 2009 North American Discworld Convention. Now everyone can listen to it! Thanks to Leighton House for the link.

And in sort of gaming/sort of Discworld news, one of the most awesome Discworld fans EVAR has a daughter in the band Sky Larkin. The band played a show for X-Box and now they're on the X-Box. COOLNESS.

Twilight/New Moon

(Because it really has to be mentioned, *sigh* Or at least snarked on.)

Imagining New Moon Through the Eyes of Batman

Harry Potter Beats Out Twilight for Book of the Decade (YAY!)


FYI, the Coraline Blu-ray is only $14.99 right now. Such a good movie.

Random News and Sports

The Real Jobless Rate: 17.5% of Workers Unemployed

Some interesting thoughts on the Implicit Associations Test

Ben Olsen retires from DC United

DC United's Protected List - Yay, Julius is protected! :)


Black Friday Sales Twitter Agregator from The Washington Post.

Why Stuff Is Awesome

I'm starting this section with Made of Fail (which is where I ganked that title from, too. Hee. Thank you, Made of Fail. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!)

Made of Fail is a podcast done by two awesome LJers, alliancesjr and queenanthai, along with a rotating cast of guests and participants, including our friend cleolinda. :) It focuses on all things geek and pop culture, from video games to comics to movies to TV to sci-fi and fantasy literature to tabletop gaming to...well, they pretty much cover it all. If you go to the LJ community profile page they have an easy-to-use directory of all the different episodes and an overview of what's discussed in each one. The newest one, which comes out maybe today or tomorrow, will focus in part on New Moon (snark snark snark) so be sure to check it out.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I may be on the podcast next month, to talk about Unseen Academicals and all things Discworld? Well this just may be true, in which case I expect all of my friends here to tune in. Hee! Well, ok, only if you want to. :) Anyway, I'm still catching up on all the old podcasts, myself, but even the ones from last year are fun to listen to, so you should totally go give them a try. (If you're interested in the phenomenon of Sparkle Motion, the Twilight one might be a good one to start with before listening to the newest one on New Moon.) Oh, and have I mentioned that the two main podcasters are just total fun to listen to? They really are. So go forth and download!

In other Things That Are Awesome, a Reese's peanut butter cup that's bigger than the Death Star (Pez dispenser)

a new way to judge your Twitter popularity

The Popular Science Tech Buyer's Guide

The Early Bird Sale over at Entertainment Earth (still going on!)

And now...I'm going to the mall. OH BOY.
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