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Current iPod Playlist, Just Because

I was reminded while talking with maudelynn that I've been meaning to post my latest iPod playlist of Songs I Can't Stop Listening To, just for fun and because I think it's a neat collection.

This set of songs would be defined as "songs I ONLY obtained after hearing them on TV". So in other words, even if it's a song from TV (like Cake's Short Skirt/Long Jacket, i.e. the themesong of Chuck) that I like, if I had already heard it or already owned it, it's not here. Just stuff I specifically hunted down from TV. I recommend all of these songs, obviously. :)

Songs from TV

Time Lapse Lifeline - Maria Taylor
Bones: Ep. 4x23 - The Beaver in the Otter

Apologize - OneRepublic
Smallville: Ep. 7x13 - Hero

Brand New Day - Ryan Star
Lie to Me - Theme Song

The Gift - Angels and Airwaves
Gossip Girl: Ep. 1x1 - Pilot

This is your life - Switchfoot
Smallville: Ep. 4x19 - Blank

You Might Die Trying - Dave Matthews Band
House: Ep. 3x2 - Not Cancer

Raise Your Hand (Lifeblood Remix 128) - The Lights
Gossip Girl: Ep. 1x3 - Poison Ivy

Burning For You - Shiny Toy Guns
Commercial - Lincoln MKS2010

U A Freak (Nasty Girl) - Chingy
House: Ep. 4x15 - House's Head

Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
House: Ep. 3x1 - Meaning

Cobrastyle - Teddybears (ft. Mad Cobra)
Chuck: Ep. 1x1 - Pilot

Funny Little Feeling - The Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers
Smallville: Ep. 4x11 - Unsafe

Feels Like Today - Rascal Flatts
Smallville: Ep. 4X5 - Run

Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
Greek - can't remember!

Guess Who (parov stelar remix) - Nekta
Gossip Girl: Ep. 1x6: The Handmaid's Tale

Don't Take Your Love Away - Vast
Smallville: Ep. 8x10 - Bride

Teardrop - Massive Attack
House - Theme Song

Precious - Depeche Mode
Smallville: Ep. 5x1 - Arrival

This Is The Thing - Fink
Lie to Me: Ep. 1x19 - Life is Priceless

What You Don't Know - Jonatha Brooke
Dollhouse - Theme Song

Set Free - Katie Gray
Bones: Ep. 4x4 - The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

Break So Easy - Johnathan Rice
Smallville: Ep. 4x11 - Unsafe

Some Devil - Dave Matthews Band
House: Ep. 1x20 - Love Hurts

Roadside - Rise Against
Smallville: Ep. 6x14 - Trespass


And that's all for tonight, folks!
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