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Things to read, listen to, and look at, whee!

--> First off, we have cleolinda's The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes1


(i.e. annotations on three Harry Potter parodies she has posted previously)

Now available for download at Lulu.com

If you haven't encountered the original Movies in Fifteen Minutes parodies (and The Book), you really should check them out. And if you have (or haven't, either way), you really should go get the annotated version, because it is awesome. Cleo calls it "the print equivalent of a DVD commentary" but it's much better than that, because "the notes talk about things like the origins of GQMFs, "dead from coke," "pastede on yay," pixel-stained technopeasants, and the color puce. You also, however, get discussion of the books, the movies, the actors, various in-jokes, Americanisms, Britishisms, internetisms, AND SO MUCH MORE." It really is a ton of fun and worth the money. Seriously, you guys - pure fun, AND you might learn some things. Go check it out!

--> Next, we have a Terry Pratchett radio interview from TheAuthorHour.com, done immediately after the first North American Discworld Convention. Go give it a listen!

--> And finally, a few pics from this weekend, which was Capclave and the DC United vs. Columbus Crew game:

Given my busy week, I didn't get to go to all of Capclave, but I did get to see some friends and attend a few panels (like the Civil War one, which was really good). I got to catch up with Davey, saw Chris Cevasco again, and chatted with Tom Doyle, whom I'd met more briefly last year (not to mention catching up with all of the local WSFAns I hadn't seen in awhile).

Also, in the middle of all that, DC United played Columbus Crew on Saturday night. Given that Junior (aka Julius James) got traded to DCU in August and this was the last home game, my sister and brother-in-law and I decided to go, even though it was all rainy and cold. So they bundled up the baby and picked me up from the con hotel Saturday night. My BiL and I had an exciting time navigating the back streets Mapquest directed us on thanks to BiL's telling it to stay off of major highways (like 495) but we did get there without getting lost, and managed to see a little over half of the game. It was a lot of fun, and I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to have to start going to all of their home games from now on. DCU won 1-0 (but only tied their game tonight, sadly). I tried to buy one of the cool DCU scarves everyone was wearing (cute *and* warm) but they were all sold out. I ended up getting a phone case (I needed one anyway) which turned out to be made of "real soccer leather". Hee!

Sis and BiL at the DC United game:

The baaaaby at his first soccer match:

Barra Brava, the fans who never stop cheering:

Junior (#2) on the field:

Me with Davey at Capclave:

The *real* Davey Beauchamp:

Me and John Joseph Adams:

Me and GoH Harry Turtledove:

Aaaaand, that's all for now. I have some videos I keep meaning to post, but YouTube is taking forever to upload things.

ETA: Ah-ha, videos!
John Irving answers a question about why he writes the last sentence of his books first:

U2 singing Beautiful Day (sorry about the quality):

Julius James heading the ball at the DC United game:

Julius again:

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