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Finally, a moment to breathe.

Many things have been occurring around here, even if I haven't had time to share them.

1) I got a job! It's a contract job, i.e. temporary, but it is interesting and will keep the bill collectors at bay until I get a Proper Job (e.g. not temporary) so hooray! The people are nice and everything is good so far.

2) I got Matthew Good's new album, Vancouver, which is AWESOME. Go. Get it. Seriously. (Available on iTunes, Amazon, or MapleMusic.)

3) I went to Baltimore Comic-Con last weekend, and had a blast! Nathan picked me up on Friday night and we got to Baltimore by about 10 or so, and went in search of dinner immediately. We found a good restaurant on the Inner Harbor, and I had soft shell crab for the second time ever. Yummy! (We also saw The Biggest Anchor Ever. I covet it. It is, like, 8 feet long. I think it would make an excellent conversation piece.)

On Saturday we headed over to the convention center in time to get Nathan set up, after which I went wandering around for hours with occasional stops back at Nathan's table. He had given me a pack of 20 sketch cards and bet me that I couldn't get all 20 of them filled by the end of the con, so much of the time I spent looking at various artists' work and asking those I liked if they'd do a sketch card for me, which was totally fun. By the end of the weekend, I'd collected 18 awesome sketches, which can be seen HERE (and let it be known that I totally won the bet, because as one of the guys said, I "assigned" all 20, even if all 20 didn't get back to me by the end - 2 of those I asked *swear* they are going to mail the cards back to me. Hee!).

During my wanderings, I met the lovely Mariah, who makes little clay creatures and admired my Deadpool earrings. When I told her I was selling the other pair she snapped them up. Here we are modeling our matching earrings. Along with meeting folks (like the lovely John Snyder) while asking for sketches, Nathan introduced me to a metric ton of nice artists, including Greg Williams, Kevin Stokes, Georges Jeanty (actually, I had met Georges before, briefly, in NYC), John Tyler Christopher, Sanford Greene, Dexter Vines, Brian Stelfreeze, Barry Kitson, Norman Lee, Pop Mhan, and more. We hung out in the evening at dinner and the bar, which was just so much fun that I wished we had another night to chill (and race frogs, heeeee!). On Sunday there was more running around, although I did sit a bit more, with Nathan, Dexter, Georges, and John (my feet huuuurt after awhile). I also met Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld briefly, and Deadpool writer Mark Waid, who is really nice. And then eventually, sadly, it was time to go home. Whew! It was a ton of fun, and nice to see Nathan again, and to hang out with the Folks From The South, as I think of them, who are all fantastic. Hopefully I'll get to see some of them at future cons, too. :)

4) Um...that's pretty much all that's occurred. Now? I'm going to sleeeeep. Tomorrow? I might go see my nephew-in-law Junior (that photo is so funny!) play for DC United!
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