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Random Art-things Post

Was tooling around on DeviantArt for a few minutes today thanks to the wonders of Internet Searching (looking for a Castiel wallpaper; yes, I'll admit to my love of the Supernatural angel) and found this cute little drawing, made funnier by the fact that tonight's episode again had a "Castiel spooking Dean by appearing in his personal space" moment. Hee.

From there I wandered over to Reilly Brown's page, which I hadn't been to in awhile, and discovered a plethora of new(er) Deadpool and other awesome art. A few of my favorites:

Lady Justice

Look at that face - so much personality!


I love the textures on this one.

Spidey II

Is the Goblin sneaking up behind him?


He's right - female Loki is kinda creepy. Almost Joker-ish...

BoB, Agent of Hydra

I love this pic of Bob.

Bob 2

He does such a nice job on Bob.

Bob 3

Seriously, they're all awesome. :)

Joker's Daughter


Deadpool as Black Bolt

Freakin' hilarious. Plus any Wade/Bob shippers could have fun with it. OK, why did my mind even go there?

But speaking of the slash fans:

Cable & Deadpool


"Duct tape."

Heh. Wade's cure for all ills. I've noticed Reilly likes to draw Deadpool with a bazillion sharp things sticking out of him.

Aieee Deadpool!

Also: on fire. I like it.

Doctor Deadpool

Disturbing thought.

Just Deadpool

I like the little knife.

Deadpool vs. Zombie

I pretty much hate zombies. But I like this drawing.

Deadpool vs. Wolverine

With bunny slippers!

I may have linked this one before, but I don't care:

Deadpool and Bob

a) I love this sketch; b) that shirt is almost exactly identical to my real-life Deadpool tank top. Hee!


I could see this being a signature Wade thing. Heh.


Seriously, I love this guy's art. If I run into him at another ComicCon, I have GOT to commission something. Last time all I did was get a couple of posters signed. What was I thinking?! (Oh, I was thinking, "I'm only here in NYC for another 3 hours and still have a lot to see." But still.)
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