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Catch-up Round-up: NADWCon, Crafts, and Links

Well, the North American Discworld Convention 2009 is over, and I have finally managed to recover somewhat (caught a cold on the way home, blah). By accounts I've heard from all quarters thus far, the con has been considered a big success by all, including Sir Terry himself! At the Gala Banquet, he said, "This IS the best Discworld Convention ever." So: YAY!

I had a lot of fun at the con, despite being busy with actual con-running about 98% of the time. I did get a couple of minutes here and there to actually "attend," as it were, but for the most part have to rely on reports of others for info on how the smaller programs went and even bits of the big programs! I'm looking forward to seeing some of the official video that was taken. But I did get to spend a good bit of time with several friends and acquaintances, including Sir Terry himself, of course, so I'm certainly not complaining!

Since I'm still catching up some, instead of a detailed report here you get the Visual Report: my photos, here. :) And also a few short videos, here. Also if you go to the main page of the con website there's a link to LOOOOOTS of other photos and videos. Whee!

And now all that remains to say is a GIGANTIC thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this convention possible (guests, participants, committee, staff, and volunteers), and to all of our lovely attendees. And that I sincerely hope there will be a second NADWCon, and will be glad to share any information and advice I can with the organizers, should that come to pass.


In Life Since the Con, I finally got my apartment clean, my laundry done, my papers sorted, my email almost-caught-up-on, and my job applications rolling again. I am sooo tired of not having a job, but I'm working really hard to try to find one, so...fingers crossed, everyone!

I did take a short break yesterday from job searching to do a little crafty stuff, because I was feeling SO stressed and I needed to hit the pause button on that. It really did help. And also produced cute tiny things. So now I present to you: Deadpool jewelry, tiny grenades, and Rorschach's accessory collection.

The Deadpool jewelry came out pretty well except the eyes got too translucent, so I had to paint them white. That's ok, though.

Deadpool ring (from an old cheap ring I had that I never wear):

Deadpool earrings and tiny grenades for G.I. 'Pool, plus one bigger grenade:

G.I. 'Pool with his tiny grenades:

Rorschach's journal, pencil, sugar cubes:


And now, some linkspam!

First off, don't forget, Unseen Academicals comes out Oct. 6.

Guess what else comes out Oct. 6? (It's a good day.) Matthew Good's new album, Vancouver, which you can listen to in its entirety at his website until Oct. 6. I've listened several times already (of course) and the new album is fantastic. (Favorite of the Moment: "On Nights Like Tonight"). Go give it a listen!

(I am totally going to buy the album as soon as I can afford it, along with Unseen Academicals. Also Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum for XBox, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine for the first 15 minutes of Ryan Reynolds. Man, I need money.)

Speaking of Marvel, io9 has a great gallery musing on what would happen if the Disney/Marvel merger made Disney darker instead of affecting Marvel. The pics are awesome, and I love the concepts. Heh.

io9's on fire with articles that interest me right now. Another one is their video clips of XKCD's Randall Monroe answering fan questions. I ♥ XKCD, and now I think I may also have a geek crush on Randall, too. Hee.

Another good io9 link today is David Malki's Genre-Fiction Generator. Heh.

And finally, hey, I didn't even know DC did a comics competion. But some of those stories sound pretty interesting.

And now, dinner.

ETA: OK, I know this is hardly topical anymore, but this poster from back when the presidential debates were going on made me laugh.
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