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MAGNET WARS, Part II - Fighty Time!



Part I: The Face-off


And now, Part II: Fighty Time!

Iron Man: OK, Steve-o, that's it! You asked for the butt-whooping I'm about to give you with my technology that will probably fry you up like a scorched hamburger patty. Hey, I never believed in fair fights anyway, or I wouldn't go around in armor all the time.

Cap: BRING IT ON, little man. My unbreakable shield and super-resilient muscles laugh at you and your puny technology. Venom! Cover me from behind!

Venom: Mmmaaannn, iiiiffff oonnnnllyyyy Sppiiiddeeerrr-mmaaannn wouuulddd sssayyy thhhattt. *siiiggghhhee* Fffffiiiiinnneee.

Wolverine: Well if we're fightin', bub, I'll take the doofus in the helmet. I mean, none'a the rest of you c'd handle him anyway.

Juggernaut: Doofus, huh? At least I'm not a furry.

Phoenix: Finally, some action! Who's got the popcorn?

Gambit: Not me. But ya know whut, ma cherie? I think I'm switchin' sides. Or maybe I'll just fight Spider-man - 'cause I hate fence-sitters! Oh wait.

Spider-man: Oh, good! I got no problem fighting you. You're a smelly THIEF. And who styled your hair, Richie Rich? Tell him he can have his part back.

Deadpool: *BLAM*


Damn. Ya'd think with a nickname like Shellhead, th' armor'd be a little more fragile. Ah, hell. Cover's blown. Guess I'll have ta switch sides now.
Tags: comics, deadpool, iron man, magnet wars, marvel, mua, silliness, video games, wolverine

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