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Reason #7654 why I love Ryan Reynolds

Am still uber-busy, but needed to take a brief foray into linkspam to say: Ryan Reynolds, you so crazy!

Along with working on Deadpool for 2011 (yaaaaaay!), Reynolds is also going to be starring in Buried, an indie flick where Reynolds is the ONLY character, and he spends the entire movie buried in a coffin with a knife, a candle, and a cell phone. Say what? You heard me. I have no idea if this is going to be awesome or just nuts, but I will definitely have to see it. Here's an article with a quote about the movie from Reynolds:

‘Buried’ is the story about a guy who’s buried (laughs). It’s the only movie I’ve ever heard of with only one person in it. So it’s just me, I’m the only person in the whole movie so, I don’t know. We’ll see. It’s either going to be, you know, the greatest, most experimental cool movie ever made or God knows what.

I also have to link this article, not because it has any different news, but because it contains a hilarious typo:

So, Ryan Reynolds announced that he was going to be following-up his studio flicks X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men Origins: The Proposal with an indie thriller by Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes.


You know, I'd kind of love to see that. Like an eXtreme version of The Proposal, where instead of Margaret Tate proposing to her employee Andrew Paxton to stop her deportation from the U.S., we get like, Black Widow II proposing to the guy she's supposed to capture, Deadpool (and hey, ScarJo and Reynolds would barely have to act - they've already done the thing in real life!) as part of a scheme not to get booted from the Thunderbolts team by Osborn or something (well, you know, he did want her to capture Deadpool's heart. It could work!). And then there would be crazy shenanigans where Black Widow THOUGHT Deadpool was just some poor slob who lives in a crappy apartment in Manhattan, but then they fly out over the ocean to meet his family (Cable, of course) on the family estate and Black Widow discovers that if he wanted to, Deadpool could take over governance of the island of Providence, but he's just HAPPIER living in Manahattan and narrowly escaping death or capture by Black Widow, because he's a masochistic romantic at heart. And of course that suddenly makes her realize that she loves him too much to marry him and let Osborn kill him!

But then, this would be an X-Men movie, so by that point there would have been lots of yelling and explosions, and Deadpool would be trying to convince Black Widow he'd risk Death by Green Goblin for her, and Black Widow would beat Deadpool up in an over-the-top martial arts fight for being such an idiot as to prefer a crappy apartment in Manhattan and being shot at all the time to life on Providence with Cable, and Osborn would appear on a glider to try to fire Black Widow and deport Deadpool to outer space, and some minor characters would die, and there'd be a giant fight scene where Deadpool and Black Widow would prove their love for each other by fighting "back to back!" and taking on some ultimate killing machine engineered by a corrupt military, and then they'd kiss passionately, and then Deadpool would get shot in the head by a special bullet and become more crazy than he was before by forgetting his love for Black Widow and developing split personalities that talk to each other via little boxes, and the movie would end with Black Widow dying in the sands and Deadpool running off to go assassinate somebody.

Hey. I could totally see it.

Speaking of Deadpool (as we do, often), I happened upon a fantastic new (I think?) Deadpool sculpture. That, sadly, appears to be only in the Philippines right now (what's up with that??). But take a look. It's Deadpool as seen in one of my favorite pics from Cable & Deadpool. It looks amazing. I WANT IT. (*sigh*)

And speaking of both Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool, my favorite Ryan Reynolds & Deadpool pic of the week.

And speaking of comics in general, via cleolinda, we have Panels 66: Why Chicks Cry. The captions are hilarious.

(And via spectralbovine, the follow-up: Ladies, Beware. Heh.)

And now, back to work.
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