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Icons and Linkage and Rambling, Whee!

Another drive-by post. Soooo busy. Job searching, the Discworld convention coming up in a little over 2 mos., and just general stufffff. But: good news - I had an interview! Hooray! *crosses fingers*

In icon things, I finally remembered to post the Deadpool icons I made from my Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 screencaps.


1. 2. 3.

Check out all 26 here.

Speaking of Deadpool, Bob, Agent of HYDRA Hail HYDRA! finally answered the questions people asked him over on ask_deadpool. Go check it out. Do it for Bob! He gets sad if he thinks no one loves him.

And also speaking of Deadpool, and in conjunction, Dolls I Really, Really Want to Own, there are now FOUR on the list, as opposed to three. Of course there's the Bowen Deadpool, which I still crave liek whoa, as well as the Marvel Legends Deadpool, which is likewise awesome. And then there's the John Connor doll, which is so lifelike that if I got it I fear I'd wind up with Tiny Angry Christian Bale striding around my shelf telling my other dolls they ARE the Resistance (and you just KNOW Clan Deadpool would listen, although I suspect Harley Quinn would just turn up her nose and tell him to shower. She's prissy like that). Now ENTERBAY has given me yet another reason to wish I had money for frivolous things: the (tattooed) Michael Scofield doll. Which looks like it will be amazing, with the fantastic tattoos and the great head sculpt. As cleolinda says re: wanting to get one for her mom, "Michael can sit on her office shelf and Blue Steel at her coworkers all day." *covets*

Bowen Deadpool:

Marvel Legends Deadpool:

Tiny Angry Christian Bale John Connor:

Michael Scofield:

Speaking of TV & movie-related things (sort of), Public Enemies comes out tomorrow! I am so excited for it, but am waiting to see it with a friend I think. Which is ok, since I think I'm going out of town for the holiday anyway! Also, SO excited about Harry Potter 6 which is FINALLY coming out soon. Hurrah!

And finally, a couple of links:

House of Prince: What is Twitter (a guide for newbies) (via @neilhimself)

An interview with Rhianna Pratchett about The Overlord

Aaaand back to work!
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