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Sprint-by Linkspam Break

Kelly's Wedding Adventures start tomorrow, and I'm working on still more job applications, so ack, not much time for anything else. But I had to share a few quick links that have been collecting on my "to post" list:


Via Phil, we have Arlington: The Rap, a very accurate account of the neighborhood I live in. I laughed and laughed. Ten million Starbucks' for the win!

Via wmslawhorn, the LED sheep! SO COOL.

One of my favorite Marvel/DC parodies to date: Marvel/DC: The Hangover, Up, and Drag Me To Hell Parodies. (Featuring Deadpool.) HEEEE.

Speaking of Marvel, did I link the 3rd Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 trailer yet? Lots of Deadpool goodness, a Cable cameo, and an awesome Venom attack I want to try.

And because I still love chinchillas even if I no longer have any:

chinchilla tapdancing


adorable baby chinchilla

Other Stuff

Another interesting Sims 3 experiment: Alice and Kev: The Story of Being Homeless in The Sims 3

Russet Noon? Potato Moon! So a long, long time ago (ok, April 20) Peter David (writer) got annoyed with that dumb fan who was declaring that copyright couldn't stop her from trying to publish a "sequel" to Twilight. So he came up with an idea to have some fun with a parody. Essentially, he and his young daughter wrote a chapter of a Twilight-related parody, and then anyone who wanted to do a chapter could write in and participate. I did, since, hey, why not? And then I forgot about it. Until a few days ago, when I got the email saying it was my turn. The story is actually fairly fun to read so far. You can check it out starting here. Or, here's my chapter.

And now, bed!
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