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Deadpool Week: Behold, the Tiny Rhino!

Continuing on from the last post, some scans from Deadpool #67! (Have I mentioned lately how much I loved the Gail Simone/Udon art combination on Deadpool & Agent X? LOVE. Also: bonus Taskmaster in this issue. A little.)

Our story continues with some sinister background plotting by the mysterious Black Swan, followed by Deadpool and the other members of Deadpool, Inc. (Sandi and Ratbag) celebrating Deadpool's last paycheck from the crazy couple by reveling in a big pile of money. Tiny Rhino is with them. Deadpool gets a call from a music promoter who needs to hire a bodyguard. Deadpool goes off, taking Tiny Rhino with him (but first, in a "another reason why I love Deadpool" moment, he comments to Sandi that when he gets back they are going to talk about who gave her a black eye. Aw, protective Deadpool. ♥)

And then we get this:

P.S. Actual Rhino Keychain by Ben. I so want one of these.
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