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And now, your Moment of Zen... - Walking on the Edge
I don't really have a plan...
And now, your Moment of Zen...
I haven't done these in awhile, but it seems like all my friends are cracking me up these days. So three Moments of Zen from my recent life.


Me: "It's good that you don't want to get a motorcycle. They're dangerous. I say look, touch, but don't ride, or you might get hurt!"

P: "See, that's how I feel about some women."


Me, batting away a bug at the WWII Memorial: "I think that was a dragonfly. Or...huh, maybe it was two dragonflies. Mating."

B: "Yeah? I love me some dragonfly porn."


L: "I really want some Burger King."

G: "You can do better than Burger King. Burger king is like...a weak hand job."



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