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Deadpool Week: Rhinos Doth Shrink In The Wash

Sorry I'm being sporadic this week. Got a little behind! Anyway, do I have a treat for YOU! Almost two whole issues in a row! Hooray! First, Deadpool #66.

Our story starts with Deadpool being hired by an ooooold man to steal the Rhino's horn because he thinks it will give him a bit more vigor (hem hem) and energy that he can then, erm, expend on his young wife (seriously. He thinks the Rhino's horn (powdered) will help. Ah, folk legends). So Deadpool, who's aim is off for some reason we don't yet know (someone has messed with his head) goes after the Rhino. And we get this:

[Missing page in which Deadpool delivers the (tiny) bag of powdered horn, and then tries to play marriage counselor by leaving an untraceable gun behind and telling the couple they should either fix their marriage or, well,... Sadly, they choose the gun.]

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