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New Deadpool in MUA 2 Trailer

I promise there will be more Deadpool Week soon. Sorry! Working on the Pratchett Con and applying for work is currently occupying my time.

Anyway, 3 Deadpool things:

1. The art for the new Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth series looks great.


2. Joe Kelly MAY write Deadpool again.


3. Another MUA 2 trailer featuring Deadpool is now online. Includes a fusion move with Thor.

You guys, this game looks SO FANTASTIC. Except for Cable. What did they do to him? Poor Nathan. But still. YAYZ. Although Civil War made me v. sad, it *was* a great storyline and I love how they are using that plot for the game - it gives the game more intensity and purpose. Also? Even though I am so on Captain America's side re: the actual issues, I have a feeling I am going to end up fighting for registration for awhile before switching sides, because of Deadpool and also HEY THAR, AWESOME IRON MAN. I mean, I know some of them can switch sides, but I feel like probably Iron Man can't, and I want to play him. Heh.

Thanks to The Deadpool Bugle for all the Deadpool news. :)


Oh, heck, you knew I'd do it, didn't you?
Sorry the quality isn't awesome like last time. Is there a better trailer out there somewhere?

And one of the travesty that is Cable:

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