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Yes, Movie Studios, Please Get On the Job

It's been announced that Dreamworks might choose Terry Pratchett's Truckers as a 2012 release.

Which would, of course, be awesome, and a wise choice for them if they can adapt it well. I wish more studios would follow this possibility. I'd have loved to see Sam Raimi's version of The Wee Free Men, but I believe his option on that story has now run out. And I'd really, really love to see anyone do a GOOD adaptation of Guards! Guards! (one Terry has suggested as a good starting point) or another of the Watch books for the silver screen. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do love the tv adaptations done by The Mob, but I am just in awe of the fact that no one in Hollywood has yet realized the amazing potential of, say, a Watch series and jumped on it. I mean, a highly developed world, a highly developed but manageable set of characters, action, adventure, mystery, humor, fantasy, parody, satire, continuing stories yet with original and very unique plots for each book... If they wanted to (well, and if Terry let them) they could do six City Watch books, culminating in Night Watch, which is often said to be The Best Book (not by everyone. Just often. I've heard.) I am puzzled as to why no one has picked up on the potential here.

Anyway: root for Truckers, hurrah!
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