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*whumph* I have returned, with dreams of grand things

You guys! I had a dream that they were putting little Deadpool figures in cereal boxes now! There were, like, 5 different ones - Deadpool with knives, Deadpool with grenades, Deadpool on a spinning top, Deadpool on a zipline... Tell me this is true, please, because that would be the best way ever to add to Clan Deadpool. Come on, Kellogg's - you know Deadpool would be a real winner! DO IT.*

Hem. Speaking of Deadpool, sorry for the lack of Deadpool Week over the weekend. I was away at Balticon until last night. We will continue this week, I promise!

And speaking of Balticon, it was a v. good time! I will post more when I get my pictures up, but suffice it to say I saw some old friends, made some new ones, and managed to keep the Artist Guest of Honor (for whom I was a liaison) in one piece the whole time. Good times! :)

Also, on the way home, got to visit Little Ben and parents (aka my sister and brother-in-law) and BiL's nephew Marc who is with them while looking for a place to stay for 3 months (city internship). So that was fun! (And of course I played paparazzi again and have lots of cute pictures).

And now, to shower (I haaaaad to sleep in, I was soooo tired from the con. And lo, why not take advantage now and then of one of the only benefits of unemployment?)

*Traditional Deadpool only, please. I see any of this Weapon XI stuff, I'm boycotting your cereals.
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