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Deadpool Week: Who WAS that mysterious non-masked woman?

In an unprecedented event, our next set of scans is from the very next issue, #28! Not the whole issue, but at least we've got a bit of a continuing storyline here. Anyway.

Our story continues with Deadpool and Monty (Mongomery, skinless wonder and former precognitive of Landau, Luckman, and Lake, whom Deadpool absconded with following the insane end-of-the-world Mithras shenanigans) at Deadpool's place in Bolivia. Deadpool has just sculpted a truly impressive giant bust of the woman he's been hallucinating, using doll heads and chewed Chiclets (really). 'Pool claims he is now cured and sane after Dr. Bong's treatment. Monty is skeptical. This leads to a favorite exchange of mine, wherein the phone rings and Deadpool gets a new merc job:

Deadpool: Just the thing to underscore all this culture and junk...Mayyy-h-e-m I'm gettin' hired for some mayyy-h-e-m-hem -- You can blow up a boat! You can strangle a goat! You can jump go carts over moaaats!
Monty: You are so broken.

Sadly, as we learn, the job he's been hired for is (shocking!) a trap. 'Pool and Ilaney (his pilot, picked up in a previous story, she's blonde and German and slightly rotund) go down South for the job and the woman that Deadpool's been hallucinating runs smack into him while trying to escape from Bullseye (another merc). Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Monty, precog who tracked Deadpool's movements for almost 10 years, can't place the hallucination-woman at all, so he decides to ask a former co-worker (Zoe) for help.

Deadpool asks Bullseye, one merc to another, if he'll drop the job and let the woman he's chasing go. Bullseye stabs 'Pool in the gut in answer. And then we get this:

(thanks to storm_dragoness for 3 scans I was missing!)
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